Why prop 19 must not fail

(UPDATE! Russ of NORML does a much better job of explaining how prop 19 rocks)

I’ve been reading a lot about prop 19, and how various people think it needs to wait another two years to get some refinements. Generally speaking, it’s too strict, and takes away more freedom than it gives. Some of the anti-prop-19 propaganda is below — some is fact, some is exaggerated, and some (I believe) is completely made up: Continue reading “Why prop 19 must not fail”

Updates – June 19th

This was a wonderful week. I’m getting more settled into my job, I’ve got my computer set up so I can keep in touch with everybody supporting us, and more importantly, all four visits with Alex went really well. I gave him hash (off-site, mind you — we aren’t allowed to administer ourselves on their property) each visit, and I am hoping that’s helping take off the edge, even though each dose is fairly small. Continue reading “Updates – June 19th”

Alex updates – June 13th

This week was all over the place. As I mentioned last time, I started my new job and have been able to visit Alex a bit. Unfortunately, his Thursday and Saturday weren’t nearly as good as Tuesday. He was hurting himself both days, and needed his helmet again. I brought him a burger yesterday and he barely touched it – this was a key part of prior visits, as he loved the burgers and we were able to count on making him a bit happier by offering him a little treat. Continue reading “Alex updates – June 13th”

New job and stuff

Started the new job on Monday, visited Alex Tuesday, and am generally very busy. Not a lot of time to update here or respond to emails. The good news is that Alex has been able to go without wearing his helmet for a long time now (probably a full week by now, I think). We’re hoping his med combinations can actually keep him relatively stable for a while. Continue reading “New job and stuff”

Best visit ever, bad news, good news

Best visit ever!!

We saw Alex this weekend, and it was by far our best visit ever. He’s happier than he’s been in a very long time. He only had one really serious meltdown, and it lasted only about ten minutes or so. And to be fair, it was my fault for trying to take him on a carousel ride “one more time” when I should have known better. Continue reading “Best visit ever, bad news, good news”

First interview!

I talked to a reporter today, after being contacted a little while ago and playing email tag for a bit. Who knows if anything will come of it, but he at least finds the story pretty interesting. In CA, where the MMJ laws are more relaxed, a story like this isn’t as rare. But here, our laws are a bit too strict for a child who only has the rage – which means others with similar issues may be having to break the law to help their children. Obviously in those cases, they’re not going to come forward and alert the media.

Here’s hoping we can get a story somewhere that shows people just how powerful medical marijuana can be for children whose only alternatives are to beat themselves silly or else take medications with serious, risky, and well-known long-term dangers.

Happy videos posted

Not much to say – check out the video section, and you’ll find a new video with clips that actually make you feel hopeful instead of depressed. These are clips from two of his really good marijuana doses, where he was doing things that are really important to learning – exploring with his hands, and verbalizing “ba ba” and “ma ma” sounds. Continue reading “Happy videos posted”