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Why cannabis must be legalized – a non-user’s perspective

The federal government recently refused to reclassify cannabis, stating it still hasn’t been proven to have medical value. Of course, it’s a tough thing to prove when the government allows very limited research on the subject. And to be honest, … Continue reading

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Could the tincture be the final solution?

In the past ten or so visits, we’ve used the tincture probably six or seven times. So far, every single time we’ve used it, the visit has been really good.

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Vote for Ron Paul?

I’m now a registered republican so I can vote for Ron Paul in the Oregon primaries. I’m not saying I’ll vote for him if he gets the nomination (so no political commentary, please), but I think he would bring issues … Continue reading

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Portugal’s successes overstated?

I can’t find the specific article now, but the news is fairly old: Portugal decriminalized most drugs a while back, and it’s been touted as a huge success There was a wonderful quote somewhere out there about the numbers being … Continue reading

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Why prop 19 must not fail

(UPDATE! Russ of NORML does a much better job of explaining how prop 19 rocks) I’ve been reading a lot about prop 19, and how various people think it needs to wait another two years to get some refinements. Generally … Continue reading

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