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Why cannabis must be legalized – a non-user’s perspective

The federal government recently refused to reclassify cannabis, stating it still hasn’t been proven to have medical value. Of course, it’s a tough thing to prove when the government allows very limited research on the subject. And to be honest, … Continue reading

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Could the tincture be the final solution?

In the past ten or so visits, we’ve used the tincture probably six or seven times. So far, every single time we’ve used it, the visit has been really good.

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Act now to stop prohibition!

In Colorado, a measure to legalize marijuana for adult use is going to be on the ballot. Is it absolute freedom and perfection? No, but vote for it if you live in Colorado. It looks like a darn good bill … Continue reading

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Thanks, Treating Yourself, reddit, and family

The past two months have shown a big surge in traffic to the site, and a TON of supportive comments and emails. Last month I made a big post on Huffington Post, and got a lot of traffic, but it … Continue reading

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Vote for Ron Paul?

I’m now a registered republican so I can vote for Ron Paul in the Oregon primaries. I’m not saying I’ll vote for him if he gets the nomination (so no political commentary, please), but I think he would bring issues … Continue reading

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Eventually, reality sets in

It sounds like the CBD-based medicines are the way to go for Alex, and that got me pretty excited last month when I read (and posted) about them. But after a bit, I realized it still doesn’t really matter. As … Continue reading

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Weed Wars takes on the controversial stories ABC won’t

I’m tired of waiting. ABC interviewed us in April. They were going to run a story about Alex’s situation, and it was going to be aired nationally, not just locally. I wasn’t going to say anything here until we had … Continue reading

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Another way to support HR 2306

http://pvox.co/CdiFqY Sign up, tell them your story. Maybe enough support for HR 2306 combined with other pressures will eventually cause the overturn of some rather scary laws.

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Over 50,000 signatures!

The petition for legalizing marijuana has over 50,000 signatures. When you consider that a user is risking a lot just to sign (telling the government they support the most taboo of drugs, and leaving behind a digital trail), I’d say … Continue reading

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Once again we try to get the government to see the light…

“We the people” launched today, and the #1 issue by a wide margin was, of course, marijuana legalization and regulation.

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