Thanks, Treating Yourself, reddit, and family

The past two months have shown a big surge in traffic to the site, and a TON of supportive comments and emails.

Last month I made a big post on Huffington Post, and got a lot of traffic, but it turns out it was more due to a share on Reddit than anything else. So to all the fine people on r/trees, thanks! If you haven’t seen r/trees, it’s a great place for 420-friendly people to exercise their right to free speech, something cannabis consumers too often feel they can’t (or shouldn’t) do.

This month, Alex’s story appeared in Treating Yourself and we got another huge surge of traffic, and I’ve been trying desperately to keep up with the emails and comments, but I’m falling behind. All the same, it’s a small price to pay for giving Alex’s situation more exposure.

In addition, it appears my sister has done another Facebook bomb, bringing in a bunch of people as well. So thanks, sissy!

Here’s hoping this traffic can legitimize cannabis in at least a few people’s minds who would otherwise have been against it, or thought medical use was a joke.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Treating Yourself, reddit, and family”

  1. hello i have read about this in treating yourself.i have made it part of my time,to paste your blog link everywere,in my thousnds of friend list,and in all groups,so.keep up what your doing,your words are bieng shared,elsewere.i have copied the articles out of ty and reposted them online with your blog post also.yuor child is everyones kid,worldwide,and you have done the right sure many parents have told you this.and regardless of others,you know what is best for you and you family.peace

    1. Thanks for your support! I feel like Alex’s situation is a great example of how bad prohibition can be. Maybe cannabis wouldn’t “save” him, but I’m certain regular dosing, especially with proper research into high-CBD strains and such, would have given him a much better childhood.

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