Saturday visit – mixed results

A bit ago I spoke with my grower (Alex’s grower, technically — but I am the caregiver so that has to count for something), and he mentioned eating hash usually requires a pretty large amount for most people he’s dealt with.

On Saturday, we tried out a whole lot more hash than usual. A typical amount is about a tenth of a gram. I gave Alex .15g, waited 30 minutes, and gave another .15g, for a total of three times our normal dose. He had arrived at 10am pretty upset, but had calmed down a great deal by 11 or 11:30. He went from needing direct, constant protection to playing a bit on his own.

Unfortunately, by 1 he was back to a really bad mood, which contradicts what I’ve heard about ingested hash. I thought it was supposed to last for several hours, but whatever we saw was at most two hours. Given this fact, it may be that it wasn’t the hash that helped out, but simply coincidence.

Whatever happened, we got a four-hour visit which hasn’t happened in a long time. At least two of those hours were good, and only about 30-45 minutes could be described as really bad. Next time I may shoot for 0.5g total and see what happens. If he falls asleep (worst-case scenario for a cannabis overdose), then hey, I can take a nap with my kid for the first time in over two years.

5 thoughts on “Saturday visit – mixed results”

  1. I am pro legalization for this very reason. I pray that you keep on this path to help you son and with your finding I hope that even my nephew who also has autism, can one day us cannabis to help him just like our baby boy.

  2. I just wanted to say I hope more people see the good this plant does. As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and was given medication for it, mainly speed based meds, at the age of 11/12 I was taking 6 of these each day. Now I’m older and no longer need the mess i knew of people take these pills for recreation I asked somebody how much of these tabs I was on would somebody take to have fun they said 1 for a long night, maybe 2 if it’s a regular user.. I could not believe how high my prescribed dosage was.. Since I stopped taking the meds I’ve neer touched speed recreationally, but I do smoke pot.. I don’t understand how the government can give me such high dosages of speed and still deny the benefits of cannabis, well, actually it’s cause of greed, speed and be synthesised, therefor patented, cannabis can not be refined to make a stronger product, it’s already as good as it can be..

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