Could the tincture be the final solution?

In the past ten or so visits, we’ve used the tincture probably six or seven times. So far, every single time we’ve used it, the visit has been really good.

It’s hard to say that the tincture alone is responsible for his behavior, because they’ve reported a better mood at his home as well. But it’s also very unlikely that it’s just coincidence. While his overall mood has been better, we’ve now seen two or three situations in the recent visits where Alex started out unhappy and hitting, and turned calm and happy within an hour or so of the tincture administration.

Of course, since we can only dose him when he visits, we can only guess at what might happen if he could get this in his system regularly.

Even more unfortunately, our grower is moving out of the state within the next six months, showing us once again what a nightmare our restricted medical laws currently are. We’ll have to deal with setting up a new grower, and that is in addition to the new laws which make it a $250 a year expense to keep our OMMP card and name a grower.

The silver lining of all this is that our nation, and the west coast in particular, seems to finally be realizing the benefits of cannabis and the problems with prohibition. Oregon may have two pro-cannabis initiatives on the ballot this November. Colorado will definitely vote on legalization, and looks fairly likely to pass it: the Colorado democratic party officially supports legalization!

Here’s hoping 2012 is a better election year for everybody’s favorite herb. It won’t just help recreational users; the people who need it most, who have tried dozens of other medications and just need some pain relief, would benefit greatly from full legalization.

3 thoughts on “Could the tincture be the final solution?”

  1. I support Alex at school, and see on a regular basis how things can be for him. On a good day, it’s really good, on a bad day, there’s little we can do to help alleviate his discomfort. While it’s legal to tank kids up on medications we KNOW can hurt their development, our Country still takes a uneducated approach to this simple treatment. I am so sorry that it is so hard to get him the relief he deserves, it must be heartbreaking for you, it us for me. Keep fighting the good fight, Oregon gets closer and closer to finding it’s way to good solid MM laws.

    1. Thanks for your support! I only wish people in your position had any say in these policies, but simply stepping forward in support of reform can get public workers in trouble. It’s ridiculous.

      If you haven’t already, I’d urge you to sign the OCTA. They have a single-signature sheet you can download, print, and send in:

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