Eventually, reality sets in

It sounds like the CBD-based medicines are the way to go for Alex, and that got me pretty excited last month when I read (and posted) about them. But after a bit, I realized it still doesn’t really matter. As long as prohibition of cannabis exists in the United States, it won’t matter what options exist, because we can’t get it administered in his group home.

We’re in this awful catch-22. We can’t take Alex home, because we don’t know what, if anything, will stabilize him enough for us to care for him. And we can’t try marijuana, the only medicine that showed any promise for his rage, unless he’s living with us.

The Washington legalization initiatives are spending more time with internal wars than coming together and just pushing for any small step forward. The OCTA here in Oregon looks like it again won’t gather enough signatures, and gets almost no press coverage (I see stories about the CA and CO initiatives, and sometimes about the WA ones, but never ours). Hell, we couldn’t even convince the voters to approve dispensaries when they were put on the ballot in 2010. As I recall, Oregonians favored our current “find a grower or do it yourself” approach by something like 65% to 35%.

I’m really hoping CA gets its initiative passed, but what will that mean for Alex? At a minimum, another two years before Oregon has a chance to move forward.

Sometimes it feels like we have absolutely no control over Alex’s life. Obviously we could try bringing him into our home again, but that’s just not realistic. I feel awful admitting it, I feel like I’ve failed him and there’s some way I could be stronger, but the fact is I know I can’t care for him again unless his rage is completely gone.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if Alex has tried a full course of Rick Simpson’s high strength hemp (cannabis) oil? I hope you won’t mind this suggestion at this point in your battle. I realize how much you’ve already done and the strain it must have put on you but it seems such a shame for you to have come so far and been so brave and open minded without testing the plants full potential.

    The benefits people seem to gain from the Rick’s protocol are far above those those found from even the most regular brownie ingestion. Rick finds dozens of ailments, often those temporarily alleviated by normal cannabis ingestion disappear when the system is treated to a rebalancing flood of THC and CBD rich oil taken over a few weeks. Once flooded the body seems to balance itself and the full “tank” of cannabanoids needs only weekly or twice monthly top up. Hopefully the benefits you see would be ever-present.

    Rick’s protocol (for an adult) involves extracting the essential oils from 1lb of the highest quality cannabis and consuming it in 90 days or less. If the amount administered starts small and is doubled every four days the body acclimatizes to very high doses of THC and CBD rich oil without the intoxicating effects. (Although keeping the dose high enough for the sedative effects to make Alex manageable during this period of rebalance might be beneficial. (As I’m sure you know cannabis is completely safe and non toxic and the idea of using the oil for it’s sedative effects is a temporary one))

    I hope I’m not asking a question you’ve already answered or suggesting something you’ve already tried but I’m researching other medical problems that can be helped by the oil and although I will return to read your story another time Autism isn’t currently effecting those I love and I haven’t the time. I hope you can find a way to help those you love.

    love, respect and best wishes Dominic

    PS During my research into other things I’ve heard people swearing that bentonite clay, zeolite ( a mineral ) and chelation (I believe highly effective suppositories are easily available, if not easily administered) have helped their kid’s autism by removing poisonous metals from their bodies. I’ve not really researched these claims but the people seemed to be genuine and the treatments aren’t dangerous or expensive. As someone looking to become a parent the vaccine/mercury/aluminium link seemed well argued and documented in the few presentations I’ve seen.

    …….. anyway I’m sure you knew about them already and I hate the idea that I might be spreading false info. but there are blind spots in even the most diligent researchers work and I’d rather tell you something you already know than take for granted that you did.

  2. Hello again, having spent way longer than I meant to composing the note above I thought I’d take the time to read a few blogs and watch a few videos. Wow! Dear man I cannot imagine your heartbreak. My mind is reeling. Having seen the video of how much cannabis helps though I beg you to try Rick Simpson’s protocol.

    It’s genuinely impossible to harm Alex with the oil, impossible for him to overdose. It needn’t be hard to have him home and it needn’t take 3 months. Rick recommends ingesting the oil as quickly as possible! Give Alex a dose that makes him dozy happy and as gentle as a lamb, barely able to move even. Do it over six weeks and see what happens. A period of non toxic sedation would surely do him good. Would it really matter if he spent almost the whole time in bed. I’m sure his body could do with a break from the constant tension, I’m sure his cuts and bruises could do with the chance to heal properly and the oil will help that healing, I’d be surprised if it didn’t help his sclerosis too. Whilst he’s relaxed why not try chelation suppositories. Bentonite mud wraps/ baths and orally. A spoonful of zeolite a day? Why not try sucking the poisonous metals and medicines from his system.

    I honestly believe that 6 weeks of metal detoxification and hemp oil might change your son’s life. Were anything I am suggesting dangerous I would be far more careful When you have the time, the money and the strength

  3. I don’t believe you’ll need more guiding to the info that made me think the above might help but if if you do let me know and I’ll have a search. I knocked the post comment button by accident above and would probably have ended up deleting or measuring much of what I wrote but at least you’ve got to read my true feelings and the advice I would give a friend. Very best wishes Dominic.

  4. hi i watched some of your videos of your son and my heart goes out to you and all your loved ones. I am a mother of 2 autistic children but we are fortunate as they do not have the rage problems that your son does. Anyways, i have known alot of people in my time that smoked marijuana and have always made claims of cures that smoking it offered. I personally have not been a big supporter of it, however i do believe that it is all natural and does have benefits in many ways. Where i am from (missouri) there is a cooking show that comes on local tv (PBS) called christina cooks, she uses hemp based products all the time and reaps of their benefits. Oils and hemp seeds being two of the main ones. I’m not sure what all cooking products there are that are hemp based and you may already know of all of them. But just in case you didn’t know, maybe you could look into hemp seeds and cooking with all these products for other ways to be able to get your son what he needs. My heart goes out to you and if there is anything i could do to help assist you then please say so!

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