Excellent PBS video about cannabis


This is probably old news to many people, but it’s a very well-produced (and fairly bias-free) documentary about the amazing benefits of cannabis. The facts you can find here are astounding when you consider what we’re being told by our government. The stories, research, and information here is absolutely amazing. Share with skeptics, it could just change some minds.

Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California

It’s time I wrote another more generalized bit about cannabis. This site is about Alex, but I also want people to learn something new now and then.

Recently, the federal government has been making a lot of threats to states with medical marijuana laws. In Montana, this resulted in a bill with the intent to cut the 30,000 people who previously qualified for medical marijuana down to just 2,000. The feds seem to suddenly only believe that marijuana should be allowed for the terminally ill and those in intense pain that can be absolutely verified beyond the shadow of a doubt. The idea is to keep people from using the medical laws to partake in pot smoking. Continue reading “Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California”

Addendum – March 2011

Well, today we had Alex over for a visit to our home, and I have to say it was amazing. It makes up for all the difficulties we’ve seen this month. He was happy, playful, talkative, and very attentive and focused. We successfully gave him the hash this visit, but from the staff caring for him it sounds like he’s actually been like this for a few days now.

As much as I’d like to see prohibition die, I’d give up the entire cause if Alex is getting better through some other means. I really hope the Sirolimus is part of the reason things are going so well, because that would mean a medication he’s allowed to use is finally making a difference. I really do want to see more medical research for marijuana, especially given how much it helped Alex (and it still could reduce his need for other dangerous medications), but seeing my baby do better is far more important than anything else.