Why prop 19 must not fail

(UPDATE! Russ of NORML does a much better job of explaining how prop 19 rocks)

I’ve been reading a lot about prop 19, and how various people think it needs to wait another two years to get some refinements. Generally speaking, it’s too strict, and takes away more freedom than it gives. Some of the anti-prop-19 propaganda is below — some is fact, some is exaggerated, and some (I believe) is completely made up:

  • Prop 19 imposes bigger penalties for minors caught smoking than CA has today
  • It won’t actually generate much revenue for the state, and what revenue it does generate will not likely go to the places money is needed
  • Medical smokers won’t be allowed to smoke around minors, or in public
  • More people will be arrested than today due to the decriminalization – right now being caught with a small amount of marijuana is just a $100 fine, not an arrest
  • It won’t actually end the war on drugs, because it’ll still be federally illegal
  • Hard-working medicinal growers will lose tons of money and possibly even end up with no income
  • It’s far too much red tape to get licensed
  • The big companies will take control of the cannabis industry, resulting in low-quality, mass-produced weed
  • If we vote yes on 19 and it sucks, we can’t fix it ever
  • And so on…

Side note: isn’t it funny how many “cannabis friendly” people are speaking out against prop 19 now? Perhaps they happen to be in the group of black-market growers and dealers who “generously” supply medicine to patients… at a price that, ounce for ounce, beats gold

I disagree

Think about these points before you get too focused on the fact that, yes, prop 19 has some flaws:

If it can’t pass during an economic crisis, when even a tiny tax is so very necessary, what are the odds it’ll pass if the state is doing better in two years? If the recession gets better in the next two years, voters on the fence won’t see taxation of cannabis as being nearly as big a benefit. This is important, because cannabis and hemp could help California immensely over the long run — but people are more likely to think about the future when their short-term outlook is bleak.

If we remove the restrictive legalese from prop 19, and don’t have stiff penalties for selling to minors, will the fence sitters even consider voting “yes”? Doubtful. As it is, prop 19 is actually really good for people who want kids off pot. Personally I don’t care what a 19-year-old does with pot, but I can see the tough battle prop 19 would have had if it had stated that anybody over 12 could smoke marijuana anywhere, anytime.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years, yet government propaganda has convinced us for generations that it’s an incredibly dangerous substance. You can bet whatever happens to prop 19, the federal government is going to take its drug war to the next level. If 19 doesn’t pass, we’re looking at many more years of extremely powerful lies funded by an incredibly wealthy nation, and no ground to stand on. No legalization effort means no proof of how safe (and beneficial) marijuana and hemp really are.

The federal prohibition will not end until most of the states make a stand. California is in a unique position to do so this year. Other liberal states would likely follow California’s example, but they won’t be as likely to succeed if California fails! The OCTA fell miles short of its goal this year – imagine how much tougher it’ll be in 2012 trying to gather signatures knowing that CA got it on the ballot and still failed.

The black market maintains control as long as we allow it. Yes, having one state legalize weed won’t stop the black market. It will, however, be the first step toward doing so. You can’t stop the black market entirely without a lot of time, not even for a product as cheap to grow as cannabis. Even if the U.S. fully legalized it, there would still be people supplying it to countries where it remains illegal. The point is that the black market loses control eventually, and this year could be the start of that.

And last, hemp production by itself is worth your vote. That article is a wonderful resource for discussing the merits of hemp, and has a lot of really good facts that can be verified. Hemp’s illegal status has a lot to do with the perceived need to keep “drugs” off the streets. Get cannabis legalized, and enjoy the incredible benefits of hemp: food, fuel, paper, and more!


And all this talk of decriminalization being better than legalization – I’m half convinced the proponents of keeping it illegal are just black-market cronies or something.

If we stick with decriminalization as a “good enough” situation, how will people in hospitals and other state run facilities ever benefit from marijuana use? How will proper research ever be done? How will we end medical users’ rights from being trampled on in the workplace?

Decriminalization is a small step in the right direction, but certainly not the final chapter… unless you’re growing a plant that makes you more money than any other crop on earth.

Decriminalization keeps the drug illegal. It’s not allowing you to carry ten pounds of marijuana and donate it to a hospital. It’s not allowing big companies to grow cannabis to cultivate hemp. It’s not allowing scientists to do real, well-funded research. In my son’s case, it keeps his institution from being allowed to give him the one medicine that shows promise.

Decriminalization doesn’t work for true freedom, and that’s what this country is supposed to be about.


Tell your friends. Educate your peers. Spread the word. Cannabis isn’t evil. Let’s give real scientists a chance to prove it.

Don’t vote with the ignorant, and don’t vote with the black market. Vote yes, and give responsible adults a chance to prove they are just that.

One thought on “Why prop 19 must not fail”

  1. about recent moves to have swabs done and blood or urine taken( huge dlrlaos to pharmaceutical companies needlessly and huge costs housing billions of samples over time…who will pay those bills??) People need to understand that already some elderly are impaired by LEGAL pharmaceuticals on our roads and in one case where a 77 year old pilot flew his airplane into a Richmond BC high rise only going to get much much worse until we do address “ impairment “ ….of any kindI DO NOT ENDORSE CHEMICAL EXPLOITATION OR REPLACEMENT OF TRAINED POLICE AND THEIR ROLESBut lets face it when Raheem Jaffer the conservative MP was caught flying through a town speed driving …..drunk and pockets containing cocaine a little while ago …it took 5 days to come out in media and he got a mere $500 dollar tax deductible fine in the end !!!!They could have placed the cocaine in a bag they already carry and in mere minutes identifed it as cocaineSadly ….some are always much much much more equal than others are they not ??? !Had that happened to me or a liberal …..jail time would be of course ….needed !!!!! }}}}}}}}Radar and impairment dedectors seatbelts I often tell the story of this…There used to be 40,000 people found impaled on their steering columns after car accidents every year7 years in court against huge odds resulting in one thing onlyAuto companies of course fought this for 7 years in court and explained how many many people would be put out of work if they needed to comply with thisWhat was it that resulted?SEATBELTSLets face it …since the 80’s even the technology to stop any head on collisions has existed…technology to not let cars even start with alcohol in them has already existed for 20 years !!!Who are we again kidding ??Radar …for 50 dlrlaos and other cheap remedies are being completely ignored with the help of politicians wilfully ignorant on purpose }}}} 3. – if impairment does occur is there a simple roadside test to indicate impairment?{{{{ Yes….and its been used for decades….it starts with a policeman’s eyes but has many parts to it…..I do not endorse billions of tax dlrlaos needlessly spent to pharmaceutical companies as they bribe MP’S to provide chemical tests we do not actually need !! }}}}4. – can it impair a users ability to perform certain jobs and functions?{{{{ I should point out that like with alcohol or even other things like food even…each individual is different and long term use produces some who now are not impaired with more alcohol ….for example… than the average personCannabis is the sameI know many who get no impairment but do get pain relief for exampleI of course am not trying to get a bunch of impaired people on the roads…hell…they are already there and just not reported over financial reasons to pharmaceutical companies if the truth be toldWe do not talk about car accidents over legal pharmaceuticals causing impairmentWe do not talk about natural impairment as truckers break rules with log books and cause accidents by not sleepingWe do not talk about impairment in ones own abilities and confidence while driving either }}}}} By the way our armed forces pilots are given Speed and the USA ones who killed 4 of our first 5 canadian service men killed in afganistan …..were all on SPEED !!!! Anything can impair some one …….its the signs of impairment that are always always the same no matter what the substance or even an allergy that caused any accident Again Canadians are being bamboooozled with BS for chemical company profits ! }}}}}}5. – would there be regulation of the quantity an individual could buy legally, and if so, would an underground market exist after this quantity is exceeded?{{{{{{ I can tell you that again like alcohol some of us are using better brandy and whisky than some are on Chinese cooking wine out of a paper bag and always willI can also tell you that there has always been superior cannabis …..properly weaned of chemical nutrients etc and properly cured …….and there has always been road kill type “”shwag”” cannabis …this wont changeWine from your neighbour verses some highly crafted brew from some one well versed with experience will I dare say taste differentThese stories that talk about higher THC concentrations this and that and killer weed ….hahhaha …..wow ( by the way the only cops to ever give this angel dust dusted pot story is my very own delta police force and they have lied …. As to this day under and after prodding …of course…. been forced to admit that they have never ever ever found any of this so called “ laced weed””It just make me howl with laughter as they pretend something grown in the ground while hiding from law enforcement has some how procured resources to engineer super dope hahhahhaIf anything like with prohibition and cocaine for example the resulting terror created by prohibition began this search for concentrated cocaine which is easier to smuggle etc and then crack was born…even crystal meth It is the illegality that creates the wish to super concentrate drugs or as in alcohol production…profitSorry all that like with alcohol will happen after re legalization as some become connoisseurs and tinker with palates for dlrlaosProhibition has created the demands for things like cannabis oil and even puddy ( hash) which is really just concentrated cannabis or more to the point the resin of cannabisThere has always been great cannabis and garbage cannabis just to be clear and probably always will be }}}}6. – would the price point of regulated cannabis sales be an incentive to purchase from an underground market as opposed to the regulated market (given that a large amount of the price on cigarettes – and rightly so – is tax)?{{{ OF COURSE….see aboveYou do understand that not one politician ever campaigns to make bullets cost a thousand dlrlaos each don’t you see ?Yes I would love that !!No one wants that right? ol uncle sam would be here in a jiffy taking over real quick would he not? Of course people being people will always try to circumvent laws or taxes and gain advantages……like harper with his private fleet of taxpayer funded jets deemed un expendable and necessary for every trip to the store hahhahhahaI can tell you that native band cigarettes are because of what I said above …the results of stupidity and over the tipping point in taxation …plain and simple But to be honest any educated people knows very full well that real producers of these cigarettes are actually involved and been given slaps on the wrist when finally exposed …now they sell them the equipment to just make and package them …LOL }}}7. – would it have any perceived impact on our border crossings with the U.S., and our intent to make border crossings easier for vehicles and pedestrians who commonly travel back and forth between Canada and the U.S.?{{{{ What like the Americans have now done with an entrance fee???You may be surprised to find that it will be Americans who probably re legalize cannabis before us actually as 13 states or so already have re legalized medicinal cannabis and many have it on the next elections ballots Yes some will of course ….because of stupid laws still some where else……. always try to exploit markets…..look what the USA does to Cuba as they try to instil their morals and business models there….hmmmm??The CIA ….has since it was created …..tried to do just as you speak as they topple countries and leaders simply to take what they want…as in oil for exampleDo you know the real reason things like cannabis and cocaine for example are illegal in the USA?Because these didn’t grow naturally in the USA and the USA isn’t the biggest producer nor do they have the market cornered already And obviously because if you use cannabis you wont go blindly die needlessly in one of their oil wars so your parents get a flag to put at your dinner seat to represent you ….. at every future Xmas or important family meetingSorry if its about quick trips to sprawlmart as you then kill more Canadian manufacturing jobs with Chinese slave produced goods you must have to have … yes…. maybe leave 10 minutes earlier so they can strip search you faster for things they don’t produce and don’t like and you in your needs to hurt Canadian manufacturers must save pennies onWhat ever happened to the “”Evil Communist Empire “” hmmmmmmmmmmmm???One should also point out again !!! .that no government has ever ever sold more cocaine that the USA government !!!Iran Contra anyone?So lets please just deal with reality and not boogymenWhat about all the ones who will come here escaping persecution like jews did ….like gays do…… like etc etc etc }}}}}8. – would it have any impact on the undefended border between ourselves and the U.S.?{{{{{ ummm…??? “” UNDEFENDED BORDER “” ????? .. hahhahhahahahhahaha You are kidding correct ??? hahhahaWowOk …if that is an undefended border what is a defended one?One that’s completely sealed …? Hmmm? What ? You ever notice how easily raw logs go across or oil ??Why?? …I think most know why }}}}}I realize you may not have answers to all of these questions, so anyone who does have any input, please feel free to chime in.Thanks{{{ actually I do have answers to all of your questions …thanksI hope many others do as well and that’s why I botherSoon I am sure we can all just forget it as the liberals cower out in fear…as they become even more irrelevant and extinct …. Yes and as more innocent women are then shot needlessly on Boxing day in a shoot out for turf as has already happened here in BC …sure….I know it sadly …oh well I cant stop trying no matter how much stupidity I findGood luck all …..its too bad there is not a real common sense political party with people placed before corporate profit…it really is }}}

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