Updates – June 19th

This was a wonderful week. I’m getting more settled into my job, I’ve got my computer set up so I can keep in touch with everybody supporting us, and more importantly, all four visits with Alex went really well. I gave him hash (off-site, mind you — we aren’t allowed to administer ourselves on their property) each visit, and I am hoping that’s helping take off the edge, even though each dose is fairly small.

Today and Thursday I actually got Alex to get in the car and go for a ride without assistance. This isn’t something I’ve felt comfortable doing for years, because his behavior gets so intense at times. Last time I tried was about a week ago, and he flipped out when I started to buckle him in. Today we went to Burger King (yes, I spoil the kid, and yes, I know BK is awful for you, but you try to find a treat for a non-verbal kid that isn’t awful) and then a playground. It was an incredible visit. I only wish my wife and other son had been able to visit him as well.

Also, right now my story is airing on Radio Free Moscow. I hope bigger media outlets can help spread the word to the more ignorant out there, as this show seems to be in a situation of preaching to the choir, but any attention helps.

Note that I bear no ill will toward ignorant people out there. I know personally how easily one can fall for the propaganda — I did. I just hope those who believe marijuana is bad are willing to look at the situation with an open mind, and consider the possibility that their beliefs are wrong.