Alex updates – June 13th

This week was all over the place. As I mentioned last time, I started my new job and have been able to visit Alex a bit. Unfortunately, his Thursday and Saturday weren’t nearly as good as Tuesday. He was hurting himself both days, and needed his helmet again. I brought him a burger yesterday and he barely touched it – this was a key part of prior visits, as he loved the burgers and we were able to count on making him a bit happier by offering him a little treat.

Thursday he was a wreck most of the time I was there, and I left feeling very sad for him. I couldn’t seem to calm him down at all. Yesterday, he was a bit tired when I arrived, happy for a little while, unhappy for a little while, and never really had any smiles for me.

Today went a lot better. Part of that may have to do with us bringing him a wide variety of foods and candy. Part may have just been him getting out of whatever funk he’d been in. Part may be the magic of marijuana, though that’s hard to say for sure. I gave him a fairly small dose, and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t expect that amount to do much. I am just trying to get a little hash in him here and there in the hopes that longer-term use can help balance him out just a little.

Whatever the case, we got a bit of very happy video, and he was full of smiles. He did well in a car ride (both ways), spent a great deal of time at a school playground, and wasn’t even angry when we left him back at his home.

I keep saying I’m going to start making him hash, but time is going by far faster than I’d like. By the time I could be ready to make hash, it’s too late. My new job is far enough away that in order to get in by 8am, I have to be up by 6 or 6:15, and I don’t do well on fewer than seven hours of sleep. I get home around 6, but last week that only happened once due to visiting Alex two days, and dealing with new-job paperwork two days. This weekend I was supposed to start, but spent the time on other things due to my wife and youngest son visiting (they still aren’t moved up). I really only got as far as reading more in-depth hash-making information, buying a second bucket (apparently you shouldn’t use the hand mixer with the bags if you want to be sure they last a long time), and investing in a 20-pound bag of ice.

Maybe I’ll start next weekend. But during the week, I almost definitely won’t have time — I hope to visit Alex twice, talk to my mother (sorry I didn’t call this weekend like I promised) for the first time since I moved, do a phone interview with some people who contacted me, and try to figure out how to properly word the email to the state that says we won’t consider moving him to Portland unless they actually stabilize him first. Wish me luck.

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