Happy videos posted

Not much to say – check out the video section, and you’ll find a new video with clips that actually make you feel hopeful instead of depressed. These are clips from two of his really good marijuana doses, where he was doing things that are really important to learning – exploring with his hands, and verbalizing “ba ba” and “ma ma” sounds. These are amongst his happiest moments in years, and the rage clips were the worst.

Before the critics pipe up:

  • His average mood isn’t as bad as those depicted in the rage videos, but it should be noted that behaviors that are close to that level of intensity will happen multiple times in any given year
  • The “best of” video shows behavior that is fairly rare – maybe a couple times a year would we see that level of happiness, and never for very long
    • But with marijuana, we were able to witness these joyous moments several times in a single month, and they lasted hours at a time!

Even on heavy meds, he never got the same duration of happiness as the marijuana made him. He was either a zombie or very quick to change from happy to raging, but never held a good mood for very long.