The big move….

A lot of attention is hitting the blog all of a sudden – looks like somebody (maybe multiple people?) is helping us publicize our story, which is great! I love all the support we’re getting, it makes it a lot easier to keep going.

But right now I’m in the process of moving up to be closer to Alex finally. Our new house will only be about a thirty-minute drive from Alex, which means I can visit a lot more often. Of course, this means I’m busy finishing up with my old job, packing, etc. I may not even have internet access for a while after the move. So I apologize if responses end up being delayed.

Also, one thing I may not have been very clear on: we now have a grower, so we appreciate the donation offers, but I believe we’re good to go once I learn to make hash (just received the bags today from Fresh Headies!). The difficulty originally was that we didn’t know we needed to find a grower – we thought the state was going to pair us up with somebody. We were so swamped just caring for Alex. Now that we have more time on our hands, we have gotten a grower, and I got a new job so we could get closer to Alex – but the facility in which he now lives is federally funded, and will not administer marijuana. We can’t take him home to “test drive” marijuana unless we know for certain it’ll control 100% of his rage — it’s a catch-22. If it doesn’t keep him safe entirely, we’re in big trouble, because once we choose to remove him from the facility, if we need him back in, we’re on a huge waiting list.

I hate the situation, but Alex living outside our home is probably a permanent thing. The best we can do now is fight for our right as parents to give him the medicine that helps him the most.