Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California

It’s time I wrote another more generalized bit about cannabis. This site is about Alex, but I also want people to learn something new now and then.

Recently, the federal government has been making a lot of threats to states with medical marijuana laws. In Montana, this resulted in a bill with the intent to cut the 30,000 people who previously qualified for medical marijuana down to just 2,000. The feds seem to suddenly only believe that marijuana should be allowed for the terminally ill and those in intense pain that can be absolutely verified beyond the shadow of a doubt. The idea is to keep people from using the medical laws to partake in pot smoking. Continue reading “Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California”

The hash and the fat

Well, we processed the harvest and ended up with a surprisingly small amount of hash. It’s enough to give Alex probably 100 doses, so I can’t really complain, but it was a lot less than I expected, considering how much bud and really good shake we started with. Turns out I probably made the hash incorrectly. Continue reading “The hash and the fat”

Prop 19 does not take away prop 215 (medical marijuana)!

I just want to add this to my list of information, because too many people still seem to think that if prop 19 passes, they’ll lose their medical marijuana protection. This will not happen. As I recently added to my last post, please read Russ Belville’s analysis of prop 19, and pay special attention to the exceptions noted. The prop 215 protection for medical use remains. If you’re under 21 and need MMJ, you’re still okay. If you’re a cancer patient and need to grow more than a 5×5 area (assuming 215 allowed this), then you are absolutely still safe.

Please stop spreading rumors without actually taking the time to analyze the text!

Why prop 19 must not fail

(UPDATE! Russ of NORML does a much better job of explaining how prop 19 rocks)

I’ve been reading a lot about prop 19, and how various people think it needs to wait another two years to get some refinements. Generally speaking, it’s too strict, and takes away more freedom than it gives. Some of the anti-prop-19 propaganda is below — some is fact, some is exaggerated, and some (I believe) is completely made up: Continue reading “Why prop 19 must not fail”

Autism, marijuana, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

Read Alex’s Story before this if you want to know who we’re talking about here. A quick summary, though:

  • Alex is a child with autism, seizures, and severe self-injurious behaviors
  • We’ve tried many medications and talked to several specialists over the past several years, all with no luck
  • Marijuana, approved in Oregon for his seizures, proved to calm Alex while also making him more engaged in the world around him
  • We couldn’t keep a steady supply of marijuana, and Alex no longer can live with us
  • His new state-run home will not give him marijuana even if we find a supply
  • His behaviors are once again getting bad, and they’ve had to use physical restraints multiple times to keep Alex safe
  • Our life is a living hell right now Continue reading “Autism, marijuana, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act”