Prop 19 is about freedom, not nurses getting high and killing us all

This scare tactic is pissing me off a lot. Prop 19 is way too important to let idiots with pretty lies and a hidden agenda foul it up.

Prop 19 makes it legal to possess marijuana. It absolutely does not make it legal to drive while high. It doesn’t make the workplace any worse than if you had people coming to work drunk. It doesn’t prevent you from being fired for coming to work high. It requires that you not be fired if you are a smoker who isn’t impaired on the job. If you do a poor job, you get fired, people. Marijuana or not. Read Russ’s word for word analysis of prop 19 for details.

We’re obviously not going to get any legal help for our son, so I see prop 19 as being crucial to his long-term care. If California passes prop 19, and people see the benefits instead of the supposed evils, maybe the rest of the country will follow, and the feds will have to stop twisting the truth and admit that marijuana isn’t all that bad. Maybe then we’ll see real research, and maybe then a doctor can prescribe Alex the only medication that’s likely to actually help his seizures and rage long-term and without serious side-effects.

If prop 19 is voted down on Tuesday, it’ll be a dark day, indeed.

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