For Alex, the fight is over

I don’t believe marijuana reform will happen in time to benefit Alex. Prop 19 was an amazing initiative that proved that the country is ready to take cannabis a whole lot more seriously, but without the “yes” votes this year, I don’t imagine the fight will go very far for a while. The U.S. government is already adding to the lies, and I expect they’ll spend as much money as they can to keep their pockets lined – either with donations from big pharm, alcohol and tobacco, paper companies, or who knows, the drug cartels themselves. I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but clearly somebody has something big at stake for us to continue this ban on one of the safest drugs in existence.

Point being I’ll keep fighting for legalization, but I’m going to put that on the back-burner for Alex’s situation. I don’t know where to go from here, really. Without the hope of marijuana replacing his other medications, and having gotten no legal help so far, I guess all I’ll do is keep telling Alex’s story so perhaps others can benefit.

Tonight we actually had a pretty amazing visit. He was raging when we arrived, and immediately calmed down when he saw me. He was very talkative and happy most of the time we were there. At about 7:20, he went into his room and just laid down. We kissed him good-bye and left. Granted, he did get out of bed before we had left, but he was still very calm and seemed to be okay as we were walking past the window to our car. He had a little bit of self-injurious behavior tonight, but overall he was amazing. Very good visit overall.

My only concern is that I gave him hash and he probably didn’t need it. He was so angry when we first arrived that I figured I’d be safest just giving it to him, but it became clear afterward that there was no need. I imagine it’ll completely knock him out soon if it hasn’t already. Sleep is good for Alex, of course, but sometimes drug-induced sleep causes him to freak out in the morning. In the past I’ve seen that more with ER trip drugs like valium, haldol, or ativan, but we have also seen it once or twice with cannabis, too, so I hope that doesn’t happen.

2 thoughts on “For Alex, the fight is over”

  1. Sorry about prop 19 — I did my best. Unfortunately, there are many people who shot it down because they think of marijuana as a drug, PERIOD. I had one person tell me that they wouldn’t vote YES because Federal law will override state law, which is true, but not really the point of the Prop as I see it.

    I am thinking of getting a medical card here pretty soon for migraines because it seems that Alex is not the only person in the family who either is non-reactive to pharmaceuticals or gets weird on them. If I do, is there anything at all I can do to help you? (I’m guessing no since the whole problem is that he needs regular low doses of hash, correct?)

  2. I am totally in support of you there – kinda surprised you haven’t gotten a card for them already given your lovely history with migraines.

    I don’t think you’d be able to help Alex, though. He needs the idiots in charge of this country to allow him his medicine, instead of the crap they claim is “safe”. As long as they’re the main barrier, I’m not sure what anybody can do for us. If we need more in a year or two, we might encourage you to grow for us, but otherwise no. Thanks for the offer, little sister.

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