Eventually, reality sets in

It sounds like the CBD-based medicines are the way to go for Alex, and that got me pretty excited last month when I read (and posted) about them. But after a bit, I realized it still doesn’t really matter. As long as prohibition of cannabis exists in the United States, it won’t matter what options exist, because we can’t get it administered in his group home. Continue reading “Eventually, reality sets in”

Interesting, informative video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa0nLdVJiIg (and see their site, http://cannabisinternational.org/)

Talks some about the science, the controversy, and specifically some of the newer information about the medical value of high-CBD cannabis. Sounds like “Canatonic” might be a good choice for Alex based on the new information I’m learning, and putting it into a glycerin tincture.

Thanks to everybody at Huffington Post who replied to my comment and helped me discover this information. I have little hope of getting Alex dosed in his home, but whenever we see a major shift in thinking, I’d rather have the information necessary to give Alex what he needs immediately.

Weed Wars takes on the controversial stories ABC won’t

I’m tired of waiting.

ABC interviewed us in April. They were going to run a story about Alex’s situation, and it was going to be aired nationally, not just locally. I wasn’t going to say anything here until we had an air date.

But I’m tired of waiting. Continue reading “Weed Wars takes on the controversial stories ABC won’t”

Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm

I was interviewed last week by NORML’s “A Different View” crew: http://www.facebook.com/ADifferentView420. The show will air tomorrow at 8:00pm and includes a brief discussion with myself and two other parents who have made the decision to use cannabis on their child. Continue reading “Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm”

Over 50,000 signatures!

The petition for legalizing marijuana has over 50,000 signatures. When you consider that a user is risking a lot just to sign (telling the government they support the most taboo of drugs, and leaving behind a digital trail), I’d say it’s pretty impressive. When you consider that the next-highest petition is just over 30,000, it looks even better.

Even so, it’s somewhat depressing that only 50,000 people have gone and signed a petition that polls suggest 35-45% of Americans support. 50,000 people signed, out of over 100 million adults who favor marijuana law reform. Continue reading “Over 50,000 signatures!”

Excellent PBS video about cannabis


This is probably old news to many people, but it’s a very well-produced (and fairly bias-free) documentary about the amazing benefits of cannabis. The facts you can find here are astounding when you consider what we’re being told by our government. The stories, research, and information here is absolutely amazing. Share with skeptics, it could just change some minds.

Alex got the recommendation again

This isn’t really a surprise, but it was an interesting visit all the same.

We were there for about 30-45 minutes, and the doctor was 100% in agreement about medical marijuana for Alex. With his seizure disorder, rage, and huge list of medications, there’s absolutely no reason not to make the recommendation. Of course, we found there was a lot more to talk about than just the quick recommendation we got. Continue reading “Alex got the recommendation again”

Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!

Tomorrow is the appointment with Alex’s doctor. If we don’t get a renewal there, we’ll probably wait until Alex has moved (in a few weeks) to try with another doctor, but we’re really hoping that we can get him back on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program right away. Continue reading “Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!”

No news isn’t always good news

It’s been kind of a rough patch lately. We’ve had some great visits and some awful visit since my last post, and recently even got to go to the beach with Alex (his home staff drove the kids to the coast and we met them there). Today’s was one of the worst in a while. He was hurting himself at least once every five or ten minutes. It started out with him angry, had some ups and downs, and ultimately ended with him angry. His face was beet-red from all the hitting he’d been doing. We lasted two hours before I just couldn’t keep watching it. Continue reading “No news isn’t always good news”