Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!

Tomorrow is the appointment with Alex’s doctor. If we don’t get a renewal there, we’ll probably wait until Alex has moved (in a few weeks) to try with another doctor, but we’re really hoping that we can get him back on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program right away.

Of course after Alex moves we’ll have to start searching for a sympathetic doctor once again. It’s unfortunate that there are so many obstacles in a situation like Alex’s, where trying any medication that might help makes sense, given what he’s on and how difficult and painful his life has been. And of course, even if we get the recommendation we still can’t give him his medicine often enough to really make a difference. I guess it’s more about making the statement and getting him a little relief now and then, rather than being able to really help him full-time.

It’s interesting how many people agree that Alex’s situation is completely cut-and-dry. He’s got such a rough life and he’s on so many medications that nobody I’ve talked to in-depth has ever actually said that they disagree or have concerns about the situation. Some people were initially worried about cognitive effects, but were quickly in agreement that Alex’s self-abuse is a far more clear and significant danger. One person was concerned about addiction, but admitted that the other drugs he’s on seem “just as dangerous”. Of course, I have talked with a few people who still disagree with loosening the medical marijuana laws, who believe that keeping it illegal is still a better choice “for the greater good” or something similar. They seem to honestly believe it’s better to let a few suffer than “risk” widespread marijuana use. Guess what? Marijuana use is already widespread. In fact, the war on drugs has done almost nothing to curb usage.

I wish there were a way to convince skeptics to actually research the subject. Read the report by Time magazine about how cannabis is not linked to long-term cognitive impairments. Look at cancer.gov’s report where, in laboratory studies with mice and rats, cannabis may have anti-tumor effects. Read about the science of cannabis to understand why pot smokers can’t die of overdose

I guess that’s neither here nor there at this point. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow’s appointment.

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