Alex got the recommendation again

This isn’t really a surprise, but it was an interesting visit all the same.

We were there for about 30-45 minutes, and the doctor was 100% in agreement about medical marijuana for Alex. With his seizure disorder, rage, and huge list of medications, there’s absolutely no reason not to make the recommendation. Of course, we found there was a lot more to talk about than just the quick recommendation we got.

Before I discuss the visit, it’s important to note that Alex has now had two pediatricians who have independently given complete support for medical marijuana. This of course is in addition to the alternative health clinic that agreed to give Alex his first card, even though they had initially balked when we told them his age. What’s more, Alex’s pediatrician today said he’s turned down multiple people asking for cards, but gave his recommendation for Alex without hesitation.

During the visit, the doctor expressed some serious concerns about Alex’s current medications. We’re going to need to work closely with a dedicated psychiatrist when Alex moves to the new home, because many of the medications are, as we’ve mentioned many times, quite dangerous. We’ve always tried to keep up on his meds, but since he left our home, we haven’t been as on top of things as we used to be. Granted, we’re used to dangerous side effects, but we have to make sure the benefits are worth the risks.

One of the medications Alex is now taking, Amitriptyline, is of particular concern. It is generally used as an anti-depressant, but apparently it’s easier for a fatal overdose than most similar medications. Given that Alex still has pretty severe self-injurious behaviors, I’d guess the Amitriptyline isn’t worth the risk.

The doctor didn’t know the situation fully, and was hoping that we could in fact get Alex on the marijuana full-time to replace some of the more dangerous drugs that Alex is currently on. Apparently there was another patient this doctor saw who had similar problems to Alex, and was greatly helped by cannabis.

With how the group homes have been in the past, I’m not holding my breath, but one more doctor’s recommendation can’t hurt.

Of course this makes it just that much more frustrating when we hear the U.S. government is still claiming that marijuana has no medical value.