Bad visit; light at the end of the tunnel

Saturday was a pretty bad visit again. Alex was driven to our home and we had him picked up just two hours after his arrival. It wasn’t as bad as last weekend in terms of general self-abuse, but there wasn’t much happy time, and there was quite a bit of anxiety in Alex.

The good news is that we have heard word that Alex’s primary care physician may be open to getting Alex’s card renewed. He was talking with the house staff, so of course I don’t know the exact conversation, but he suggested that Alex did seem like a good candidate for medical marijuana.

Even if that falls through, we did get a call from the alternative health clinic stating that they may in fact be willing to renew. At this point we’re not going to go to them unless Alex’s doctor says no. We already have an appointment set up, and with all the recent pushes to restrict the MMJ laws here in Oregon, we’ll probably have a much stronger case to keep Alex a cardholder if his primary doctor says it’s a good idea.