Why giving hash early is the right approach

This past Saturday, Alex was driven up to visit us, and most of the visit was great, but there were a few incredible outbursts when we took him for a drive to Arby’s. He was doing so well we figured it would be fun to drive there and get him a little sandwich, and then take him to a playground. But seemingly out of the blue, he turned very violent. He was hitting, biting, headbutting, kicking, and refused to stay in his seatbelt. We started driving back home and he started to calm down some. Seeing this, we decided to risk the trip to the playground, and things went pretty well there for a little bit. He ate his sandwich and was mostly content for a while, but after a bit he started to seem a little anxious about something. We got him back in the car, but this time his rage was explosive. I got hit and headbutted a lot trying to keep him in his seatbelt, and he beat himself up quite badly. Continue reading “Why giving hash early is the right approach”

Thanksgiving update, rapamune success maybe

Alex had an incredible Thanksgiving. My whole family came up to visit for part of the weekend, and it was really nice to see everybody, but the real reward was when we tried a new trick with the hash in order to get Alex to be stable for a four-hour visit: we dissolved it into olive oil. Continue reading “Thanksgiving update, rapamune success maybe”

Prop 19 does not take away prop 215 (medical marijuana)!

I just want to add this to my list of information, because too many people still seem to think that if prop 19 passes, they’ll lose their medical marijuana protection. This will not happen. As I recently added to my last post, please read Russ Belville’s analysis of prop 19, and pay special attention to the exceptions noted. The prop 215 protection for medical use remains. If you’re under 21 and need MMJ, you’re still okay. If you’re a cancer patient and need to grow more than a 5×5 area (assuming 215 allowed this), then you are absolutely still safe.

Please stop spreading rumors without actually taking the time to analyze the text!

First interview!

I talked to a reporter today, after being contacted a little while ago and playing email tag for a bit. Who knows if anything will come of it, but he at least finds the story pretty interesting. In CA, where the MMJ laws are more relaxed, a story like this isn’t as rare. But here, our laws are a bit too strict for a child who only has the rage – which means others with similar issues may be having to break the law to help their children. Obviously in those cases, they’re not going to come forward and alert the media.

Here’s hoping we can get a story somewhere that shows people just how powerful medical marijuana can be for children whose only alternatives are to beat themselves silly or else take medications with serious, risky, and well-known long-term dangers.

The worst is yet to come

We heard that Alex wasn’t doing well at his new home, and went to visit him last weekend. It was nothing short of a nightmare. He’s having the roughest time I’ve seen since he left us. We brought up some hash, which he took happily, and the first night we were there (Friday), it put him to sleep for 13 hours. This is a good thing, as he hadn’t slept at all the prior night. Continue reading “The worst is yet to come”

Marijuana, autism, and failure: a true story

Please read our agenda — a lot has changed since I wrote up this introductory article

So many people lately seem to be coming forward with these amazing stories of how marijuana helped their autistic child. I’m truly happy for these people, but they’re only telling one side of the story. They succeeded. For whatever reasons, their endeavor paid off and made their lives better.

We don’t have this kind of success story to tell, and I think that’s exactly why our story needs to be heard. Continue reading “Marijuana, autism, and failure: a true story”