Updates – June 19th

This was a wonderful week. I’m getting more settled into my job, I’ve got my computer set up so I can keep in touch with everybody supporting us, and more importantly, all four visits with Alex went really well. I gave him hash (off-site, mind you — we aren’t allowed to administer ourselves on their property) each visit, and I am hoping that’s helping take off the edge, even though each dose is fairly small. Continue reading “Updates – June 19th”

Alex updates – June 13th

This week was all over the place. As I mentioned last time, I started my new job and have been able to visit Alex a bit. Unfortunately, his Thursday and Saturday weren’t nearly as good as Tuesday. He was hurting himself both days, and needed his helmet again. I brought him a burger yesterday and he barely touched it – this was a key part of prior visits, as he loved the burgers and we were able to count on making him a bit happier by offering him a little treat. Continue reading “Alex updates – June 13th”

New job and stuff

Started the new job on Monday, visited Alex Tuesday, and am generally very busy. Not a lot of time to update here or respond to emails. The good news is that Alex has been able to go without wearing his helmet for a long time now (probably a full week by now, I think). We’re hoping his med combinations can actually keep him relatively stable for a while. Continue reading “New job and stuff”