Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm

I was interviewed last week by NORML’s “A Different View” crew: http://www.facebook.com/ADifferentView420. The show will air tomorrow at 8:00pm and includes a brief discussion with myself and two other parents who have made the decision to use cannabis on their child. Continue reading “Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm”

Over 50,000 signatures!

The petition for legalizing marijuana has over 50,000 signatures. When you consider that a user is risking a lot just to sign (telling the government they support the most taboo of drugs, and leaving behind a digital trail), I’d say it’s pretty impressive. When you consider that the next-highest petition is just over 30,000, it looks even better.

Even so, it’s somewhat depressing that only 50,000 people have gone and signed a petition that polls suggest 35-45% of Americans support. 50,000 people signed, out of over 100 million adults who favor marijuana law reform. Continue reading “Over 50,000 signatures!”

Excellent PBS video about cannabis


This is probably old news to many people, but it’s a very well-produced (and fairly bias-free) documentary about the amazing benefits of cannabis. The facts you can find here are astounding when you consider what we’re being told by our government. The stories, research, and information here is absolutely amazing. Share with skeptics, it could just change some minds.

Alex’s sibbing is still a major problem

It’s been about a year and a half since we made the decision to have Alex placed outside the home, and still he has these horrible periods of sibbing (to “sib” means to engage in self-injurious behaviors).

We took some video during a recent home visit (about a week ago) demonstrating just how much rage and anxiety Alex still has. He appears to be “stuck” in a behavior of hitting his chin into his shoulder, and even his bath time doesn’t fully calm him down. Continue reading “Alex’s sibbing is still a major problem”

Portugal’s successes overstated?

I can’t find the specific article now, but the news is fairly old: Portugal decriminalized most drugs a while back, and it’s been touted as a huge success

There was a wonderful quote somewhere out there about the numbers being “misleading”. The claim is that during the time since Portugal decriminalized, the U.S. had also seen a reduction in drug abuse and needle-sharing HIV infections. Taking this quote as a fact, why would the U.S. bother to tax and legalize marijuana? Continue reading “Portugal’s successes overstated?”

Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!

Tomorrow is the appointment with Alex’s doctor. If we don’t get a renewal there, we’ll probably wait until Alex has moved (in a few weeks) to try with another doctor, but we’re really hoping that we can get him back on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program right away. Continue reading “Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!”

No news isn’t always good news

It’s been kind of a rough patch lately. We’ve had some great visits and some awful visit since my last post, and recently even got to go to the beach with Alex (his home staff drove the kids to the coast and we met them there). Today’s was one of the worst in a while. He was hurting himself at least once every five or ten minutes. It started out with him angry, had some ups and downs, and ultimately ended with him angry. His face was beet-red from all the hitting he’d been doing. We lasted two hours before I just couldn’t keep watching it. Continue reading “No news isn’t always good news”

Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California

It’s time I wrote another more generalized bit about cannabis. This site is about Alex, but I also want people to learn something new now and then.

Recently, the federal government has been making a lot of threats to states with medical marijuana laws. In Montana, this resulted in a bill with the intent to cut the 30,000 people who previously qualified for medical marijuana down to just 2,000. The feds seem to suddenly only believe that marijuana should be allowed for the terminally ill and those in intense pain that can be absolutely verified beyond the shadow of a doubt. The idea is to keep people from using the medical laws to partake in pot smoking. Continue reading “Cannabis reform 2012 — I’m looking at you, California”

Why giving hash early is the right approach

This past Saturday, Alex was driven up to visit us, and most of the visit was great, but there were a few incredible outbursts when we took him for a drive to Arby’s. He was doing so well we figured it would be fun to drive there and get him a little sandwich, and then take him to a playground. But seemingly out of the blue, he turned very violent. He was hitting, biting, headbutting, kicking, and refused to stay in his seatbelt. We started driving back home and he started to calm down some. Seeing this, we decided to risk the trip to the playground, and things went pretty well there for a little bit. He ate his sandwich and was mostly content for a while, but after a bit he started to seem a little anxious about something. We got him back in the car, but this time his rage was explosive. I got hit and headbutted a lot trying to keep him in his seatbelt, and he beat himself up quite badly. Continue reading “Why giving hash early is the right approach”