First really good visit in weeks. We spent just under three hours with Alex, and he was happy the whole time. Not just content, but happy, playful, and interested in his surroundings.

He started to get a little iffy after about 30 minutes, and after a few offers he finally took the hash (soaked in coconut oil this time — new thing we’re gonna try out). He never got unhappy after that, and he started trying out all kinds of stuff I haven’t seen him do on the playground. We got a great visit out of him today, and unlike most visits (including the interview visit), he was happy without once requiring us to take him to the shower. That’s really pretty rare, getting to spend the entire time with Alex instead of a good 30-45 minutes spent just letting him chill in the shower.

This was pretty surprising to me, as the last two visits haven’t been very good at all, and the GERs (“general event report”) lately seemed to suggest Alex has been having a pretty rough time. Add in the fact that he woke up at midnight and never went back to sleep, and it makes for a pretty surprising situation. I certainly won’t complain about such a great visit, it’s just rather unexpected.