Portugal’s successes overstated?

I can’t find the specific article now, but the news is fairly old: Portugal decriminalized most drugs a while back, and it’s been touted as a huge success

There was a wonderful quote somewhere out there about the numbers being “misleading”. The claim is that during the time since Portugal decriminalized, the U.S. had also seen a reduction in drug abuse and needle-sharing HIV infections. Taking this quote as a fact, why would the U.S. bother to tax and legalize marijuana? Continue reading “Portugal’s successes overstated?”

Alex got the recommendation again

This isn’t really a surprise, but it was an interesting visit all the same.

We were there for about 30-45 minutes, and the doctor was 100% in agreement about medical marijuana for Alex. With his seizure disorder, rage, and huge list of medications, there’s absolutely no reason not to make the recommendation. Of course, we found there was a lot more to talk about than just the quick recommendation we got. Continue reading “Alex got the recommendation again”

Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!

Tomorrow is the appointment with Alex’s doctor. If we don’t get a renewal there, we’ll probably wait until Alex has moved (in a few weeks) to try with another doctor, but we’re really hoping that we can get him back on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program right away. Continue reading “Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!”

Visitation updates for July and other fun stuff

Recently, our visits have taken a slight turn for the better. On Saturday the 2nd, Alex was driven to our home and had a pretty awful day, but on the 3rd we visited him with his cousin and grandmother, and while the visit started off pretty rocky, he ended up having a pretty good day for once. Continue reading “Visitation updates for July and other fun stuff”