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Portugal’s successes overstated?

I can’t find the specific article now, but the news is fairly old: Portugal decriminalized most drugs a while back, and it’s been touted as a huge success There was a wonderful quote somewhere out there about the numbers being … Continue reading

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Alex got the recommendation again

This isn’t really a surprise, but it was an interesting visit all the same. We were there for about 30-45 minutes, and the doctor was 100% in agreement about medical marijuana for Alex. With his seizure disorder, rage, and huge … Continue reading

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Wish us luck for renewing Alex’s OMMP card!

Tomorrow is the appointment with Alex’s doctor. If we don’t get a renewal there, we’ll probably wait until Alex has moved (in a few weeks) to try with another doctor, but we’re really hoping that we can get him back … Continue reading

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The complaint

We’re going to be lodging a complaint against the hospital if something incredible doesn’t happen relatively soon. After Alex’s dental appointment on Wednesday, he had five teeth pulled, five fillings, a crown, and a root canal.

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Visitation updates for July and other fun stuff

Recently, our visits have taken a slight turn for the better. On Saturday the 2nd, Alex was driven to our home and had a pretty awful day, but on the 3rd we visited him with his cousin and grandmother, and … Continue reading

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