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The Marinol Myth – or – How To Lie To America

“Medical marijuana already exists. It’s called Marinol.” (Excerpt from the DEA’s marinol page )

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The hash and the fat

Well, we processed the harvest and ended up with a surprisingly small amount of hash. It’s enough to give Alex probably 100 doses, so I can’t really complain, but it was a lot less than I expected, considering how much … Continue reading

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Mid-September Update

A lot has been going on lately and not much time to write. Alex’s mood has been very erratic, and we can’t really figure out how to explain it, so it’s just another mystery. He’s on allergy meds now, so … Continue reading

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At least we know the hash isn’t hurting him….

We hadn’t been able to give Alex hash (we can’t do it on the premises of the facility, so it’s a tricky problem when he’s too angry to take anywhere), and his mood was improving. We’re not the kind of … Continue reading

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