At least we know the hash isn’t hurting him….

We hadn’t been able to give Alex hash (we can’t do it on the premises of the facility, so it’s a tricky problem when he’s too angry to take anywhere), and his mood was improving. We’re not the kind of people to say it’s a miracle cure-all medicine, so naturally we had to consider the possibility that the cannabis was in fact making Alex agitated somehow, even though past experience showed otherwise. People change, reactions to different drugs change, etc. But after this past week, we saw some things that convinced us it wasn’t the hash.

Saturday, we saw Alex for a little while and it was a good visit at first, but he started to act really off after about forty-five minutes. He pulled us inside (we’d been walking around and playing with him out in front of his home), insisted on a shower (I think the hot water is about the only soothing thing for him some days), and proceeded to be on-and-off self-injurious for the rest of our visit.

Monday he was a complete nightmare. We got a little bit of video, but we aren’t allowed to record video near the other children, so we could only get video while Alex was outside. I hope to post those videos, because while they aren’t the most shocking behaviors he’s ever shown, it’s important that people see he still has some incredibly rough times. Anyway, we slipped him some medicine when we got him out into the street near his home (hey, the street ain’t their property, so it’s legit!), and by the time we were leaving, about 45 minutes after the medicine, he was significantly calmer. He wasn’t incredibly happy, but he was no longer a danger to himself.

That was enough to convince us the hash wasn’t to blame.

We also got two wonderful visits in yesterday and today. We didn’t give him any hash, as he didn’t seem to be at all uncomfortable in any way, and we’re not keen on rocking the boat at this point. If we can’t give him a constant low dose, then I’d rather just throw a mid-sized dose at him only as necessary.

Unfortunately, we’ll be out of town for a bit and won’t be able to see him again until probably Monday or Tuesday of next week. I just hope Alex doesn’t think we’ve abandoned him or something – we really have no idea what he’s feeling when his world changes like this.

Bad news today, though. Our grower had some serious family-related emergency come up, and was unable to keep the plants healthy. He’s lost a few of his own, and a few of ours. He was growing for free, and he’s decided he can’t take the time anymore to try and juggle the demands of growing and tending so many plants while also focusing on what’s more important: family. I may retract our prior claim that we don’t want donations, but we’ll see what we are able to harvest and worry about it when we’re actually within a couple months of running out of hash. When I made hash in late June or early July, I got about 6.5 grams out of it, which is the equivalent of about 100 medium doses — enough to give him a dose every visit (3x a week) for about the next seven or eight months. Once we harvest, even with the smaller-than-expected yield, I imagine I’ll have at least another 12g of hash, and possibly as much as 30g.

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  1. Hello, I just read your page and I have got to say THANK GOD for people with open eyes and open hearts like you guys, I am passing your story on because it changed my view and Have you tried just making brownies with canabutter.. a good trick is to use the giradeli brownie mix with chocolate chips in the batter.. tastes like a brownie.. smells like a brownie.. then you can get him to eat the brownies and you wont have to hide it.. you can take any recipe and trade out the butter or oil.

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