August 19th visit made up for it

Alex had a horrible visit yesterday evening. We wanted to repeat the Tuesday happiness and get some more pictures and video, but whatever fleeting happiness my little boy enjoyed on Tuesday was completely gone yesterday. We couldn’t even get him into the car to try to take him to a playground. He was hitting himself, screaming, and only for about five minutes did he smile any. Continue reading “August 19th visit made up for it”

August 17th – not so bad after all

I was very anxious about yesterday’s visit, because Alex had been having such a horrific time lately, but I just thought I should follow up so the many regular readers (all four of you) wouldn’t be left hanging — Alex was in an incredibly good mood. He was smiling, giggling, and at his worst was pretty neutral. Not a single episode of self-abuse the entire hour we spent with him. We gave him some hash, of course, because it helped him so much Sunday evening, but we got to see a really happy Alex even before it could possibly have kicked in (he was happy before we gave him his dose). Continue reading “August 17th – not so bad after all”