We’ve hit a new low

I don’t know what happened. Alex was so bad that he now has several new (and rather awful) bruises from biting his arms and hands. He bit himself, then while holding the bite pulled his arm / hand away from his mouth as hard as he could. I’m amazed he didn’t take chunks out of his arm.

We’re not really sure what to do about this behavior. It’s basically as bad as he was when we were bringing him to the ER daily. Maybe even worse, it’s hard to say. When we arrived, he was actually doing pretty well, but by the time we got him to the playground (about a five-minute drive), he was starting to hurt himself pretty badly. Once we realized he wasn’t going to calm down, we took him back home and he really lost control. We gave him cannabis shortly after leaving his home, and he calmed down after about an hour, which is how long it seems to take for him, but for about thirty of those minutes he was the worst we’ve seen him in a long time. We’re not sure, but it may have been the worst he’s ever been, other than the fact that it didn’t last very long — and I attribute that to the cannabis more than any other factor.

The interesting thing is that, as I mentioned, he was doing well at first – in fact, until he got outside he was acting fairly happy. He only just got put back on allergy medication, so I’m hoping once that’s in his system, he’ll do better. But given his past, I’m not sure how likely it is to just be allergies.