August 19th visit made up for it

Alex had a horrible visit yesterday evening. We wanted to repeat the Tuesday happiness and get some more pictures and video, but whatever fleeting happiness my little boy enjoyed on Tuesday was completely gone yesterday. We couldn’t even get him into the car to try to take him to a playground. He was hitting himself, screaming, and only for about five minutes did he smile any.

We’re going to be pushing hard to get him on allergy medication. He was on some a while ago, and while it didn’t do anything amazing, it seems like he’s gotten much worse since we discontinued it. His doctor believed it wasn’t helping any, but he seems to have his roughest time very shortly after going outside. He scratches and rubs at his head the same way I’ve wanted to at times. I doubt allergy medicine will make a huge difference, but these last two weeks or so have just been awful – anything is worth a try.

Not a lot else to say. Bad visits make it tough to want to write, so that’s really all I’ve got.

2 thoughts on “August 19th visit made up for it”

  1. Is Alex now being given a regular dosage of cannabis oil?? My husband and I sat and cried this morning, we found your story on facebook and we are hard hitting activists for Cannabis. We live in NC. This is one of the most in humane issues I have ever seen. I know Teresa and Paul Stanford are in Oregon. Do you know them??? They are fighting hard for the Oregon act. There is an army of people across this country trying to end this…. God Bless you and your family.

    1. They won’t allow Alex any form of cannabis in his home – that’s our big battle right now. We don’t know how to fight it appropriately, we’re just hoping to get enough exposure that somebody can look at our story and say, “why the hell is this kid not allowed to have medicine that actually shows a little bit of hope?”

      I don’t know Teresa or Paul Stanford. I’ve tried contacting several people at NORML, SO-NORML, and a few other cannabis-friendly organizations. Our story is either too controversial, or they know it’s too hard to fight. Not sure which, but we haven’t gotten any attention from the right people, that’s for sure.

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