Moving to Facebook… maybe….

The interview is definitely going to air. We’ve even been contacted by somebody who saw a trailer for the interview. It was suggested that we put Alex’s story up on Facebook since it’s more visible there (and easier for us to maintain, less likely to get overwhelmed by traffic surges, etc). We’ve only started today, but Alex’s story is now an official Facebook page. Continue reading “Moving to Facebook… maybe….”

Boy, when it rains…

In the past month I’ve missed something like 6 days due to various medical situations. First my father got incredibly sick and I actually expected I was going to be attending a funeral. Then my wife, kids, and I all got some awful stomach bug. Now we’re almost healthy, but our youngest has a cold.

So naturally, Alex’s brain surgery and OMMP situation have to go to hell next. Continue reading “Boy, when it rains…”

Losing motivation

There’s still not a lot to say. Alex hasn’t been doing too great lately, and even when he’s in a good mood he has to be wrapped up in a blanket or something that can similarly restrict his hands, otherwise he quickly enters a state of intense agitation which escalates into severe self-injury. Continue reading “Losing motivation”

Some Alex updates finally

Alex is up and down, as usual, though he had been doing really well from mid-June until about last week. We’re starting to get settled in, and finding time to visit him at least twice a week. Hopefully we can get that up to three times a week on average. Unfortunately, with everything still pretty busy, I have been forgetting to give him his tincture, and I suspect that’s part of why the last few visits have ended badly. When we were further from him, but remembering the tincture every visit, it seemed to be doing a great job of turning around bad visits within thirty minutes or so. Continue reading “Some Alex updates finally”

We’ve moved!

It’s been a long time since an update, primarily because of the move. We’re now about a twenty-minute drive from Alex, so we can see him throughout the week instead of only on weekends. Of course with all the craziness of the move, we still haven’t seen him as much as I’d like, but that should change as we settle in and get more of a routine going.

Not a lot else to say – too much stuff to still take care of today. Here’s hoping things can slow down in the next week or two….

No, I haven’t disappeared

My 4×10 schedule was a bust, Alex has been very up-and-down, and generally there’s been just a ton of chaos, especially with the new baby. There’s also just not a lot to say at this point. I still have no idea how to best help Alex other than keeping up on politics and trying to educate people who still think pot is dangerous. Continue reading “No, I haven’t disappeared”

September updates – some amazing visits

I was hoping to make a real effort to get updates with video, but I’m finding this is a lot more pain than I expected. The amount of video we have is enormous just from the past month, so I’ve had to just throw together a quick “best of” video. But first, some general updates. Continue reading “September updates – some amazing visits”

No news isn’t always good news

It’s been kind of a rough patch lately. We’ve had some great visits and some awful visit since my last post, and recently even got to go to the beach with Alex (his home staff drove the kids to the coast and we met them there). Today’s was one of the worst in a while. He was hurting himself at least once every five or ten minutes. It started out with him angry, had some ups and downs, and ultimately ended with him angry. His face was beet-red from all the hitting he’d been doing. We lasted two hours before I just couldn’t keep watching it. Continue reading “No news isn’t always good news”