Moving to Facebook… maybe….

The interview is definitely going to air. We’ve even been contacted by somebody who saw a trailer for the interview. It was suggested that we put Alex’s story up on Facebook since it’s more visible there (and easier for us to maintain, less likely to get overwhelmed by traffic surges, etc). We’ve only started today, but Alex’s story is now an official Facebook page.

I don’t know if we’ll just ditch the blog entirely or not. Facebook could cut down on maintenance, make quick updates a bit easier, make discussions easier (no logins or spam issues), and so forth. I don’t want there to be two places to go for information, so I’m not really sure what we’ll see in the coming weeks. With the surgery and everything (next week), things will be too crazy to do much.

A brief update, though – yesterday I saw Alex for a while. When I arrived, he was raging. When I gave him the tincture, he calmed down immediately. This doesn’t always happen, and certainly not predictably. And I know it can’t hit him that fast. But maybe it helped him by way of our ritual simply reminding him he was in for a somewhat calm evening. Every time I visit now, I try to do the exact same thing right off the bat: take him to the car, give the Dixie Botanicals CBD extract, give the high-THC tincture, go for a drive. We don’t know how much it’ll help, but we know that it usually helps a little, and sometimes it helps a whole bunch. Although he can’t say so, I’m betting he’s aware of the connection.

It’s impossible to prove that either tincture made a difference, but he sure changed his mood abruptly, and the happiness stuck around for the duration of my visit. Whatever the reason, it was a great visit.