Looking for CBD-rich clone – Harlequin, anyone?

I’m going to abuse our free publicity tonight (Alex’s story airs at 10pm on Fox 12 in Portland!!): anybody out there have access to Harlequin clones? Or anything similarly CBD-rich? We’re looking to get a new strain to try out for Alex that will allow us to stop mixing our current high-THC strain with the Dixie Botanicals Dew Drops Hemp Oil Supplement. The Dixie stuff seems pretty decent, but (a) it’s too expensive, and (b) I’d rather get exactly what Alex needs from one source.

Also, this site is going to stay up, but I might slowly migrate to using the Facebook version of Alex’s story for all messages. I think Facebook is a lot easier for quick updates, but it’s not nearly as handy for bigger messages or general information pages.

9 thoughts on “Looking for CBD-rich clone – Harlequin, anyone?”

  1. I hope somebody can help you find a better source.

    I saw your story from a link through CNN. I can’t watch the entire ‘before’ video – its too painful for me, as a stranger. Can’t begin to imagine what it was like as Alex’s parents. My son is 10 and also autistic, though doesn’t act out against himself. Your sweet angel is in my thoughts and I thank you for sharing your story.

    I fully support your use of medicinal marijuana – Alex is living proof of the benefits. I am no expert, but its clear to see the immediate and perhaps deadly consequences of Alex’s rage and self-injury. No medication is without potential dangers, yet most of us readily accept the potential dangers because of the benefits. What you are doing for your son is no different (and probably safer than many other drugs the ‘experts’ have given Alex over the years), extremely courageous, and I commend you for it.

  2. Some Natural Cures for autism include Coconut Oil (Lou Ana is what I use), Tumeric (curry)capsules and inositol capsules. Google Dr. Mary & Steve Newport for Coconut oil information. Google Tumeric (curry) and inositol. They all helped me and reversed my problem. “Fluoride” poisoning caused my problem. Fluoride in city water, toothpaste, mouth rinse was rapidly poisoning me. Eliminate the poison , then start healing with the above 3 remedies. They worked for me. We Pray they will work for you. God Bless.

    1. Pat, the cause of the autism in Alex’s case is Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, which as of yet has no cure.

      There are special diets that use coconut oil as the fat portion, like the ketogenic diet that can greatly help control seizures in TSC. This is what our son is on and it has diminished his seizures by over 90%.

      I fully support your use of medicinal marijuana to treat your son, and would do exactly that if our son’s seizures ever returned. No question. Best of luck finding the strain/dose you need!

  3. Just saw your story and wanted to introduce myself. I’m an activist that has worked with a number of patients. I just wanted to offer my support and see if there is anything I can do to help you. God bless you and your family. Your story must be shared. I just edited the video from today and added your facebook page on it to distribute to everyone I know. I hope that it helps you gather attention and help. Respectfully, Cheryl

  4. I agree…fb is a great tool to post quick updates while allowing for the largest audience. I’ve had a blog for years and have seen that although people might follow your blog and with good intentions, it’s much more difficult for those people to read every blog posting due to time contraints. FB is quick and easy to see, read and comment. Also, I suggest asking people on fb to share your page (if you so wish, of course:) I already shared it this morning on my fb page. The parenting community will want to support you in so many ways! Best to you all and big hugs to your sweet Alex.

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