Videos added

I’ve just uploaded a video containing clips of some of the most difficult self-abuse Alex has ever had – just click on “Video” in the upper-right – or click here.

The first clip is when Alex was around 3 or 4 and first began his self-injurious behaviors. It’s actually pretty tame when you see what comes afterward, but it just tears my heart in two to watch, because he’s so little there, and back then we still got to see his happy times far more often than the sad.

The rest of the clips are very graphic. They are most definitely not to be viewed by anybody with a weak stomach, and probably not at work for any reason. Even people who know Alex well may find them horrifying. We only took video when things were at their worst (so we could prove we weren’t abusing him), so it’s no surprise the videos are so intense.

I would apologize for having posted such a disturbing video, but the truth needs to get out there. The nebulous risks that may or may not be associated with long-term marijuana use absolutely do not outweigh the risks of Alex’s intense behaviors. No legitimate reason for outlawing marijuana can justify putting a child through this kind of agony.