Interviews and the media

So now we’ve been asked for multiple interviews. As I mentioned in the past, ABC interviewed us but never aired the story. Well, this year we’ve been offered three interviews total.

One was from Noelle Crombie who published a biased, scare-tactic-laden story about medical marijuana and children. On the one hand, I am glad I didn’t do that interview. On the other, any exposure shows even more people that there are pretty normal folks considering cannabis as a last resort when conventional medicine fails… even for children. Either way, I was very disappointed in that kind of reporting, and I’m worried as hell about doing an interview with this kind of “media climate”.

Another interview was offered a while ago, but the reporter ran into something that kept her from following up… but when the OregonLive article showed up, she contacted me within a day or two to re-offer an interview, stating that “there continues to be a lot of misinformation about its effectiveness wrth [sic] children.” She could be trying to smear Alex’s story, enticing me in by acting like a supporter… but it’s probably worth the risk either way, because again, the more people who share stories like Alex’s, the less “scary” it becomes, especially to parents in horrible situations like ours.

The third interview was canceled about two days after it was offered. I’d been really worried at first, as it was a Fox News program, but now I’m actually kind of unhappy it was canceled. Even if it were spun to hell, it was going to be live (no editing to misquote us), and with a fairly sane host (i.e., not Bill O’Rielly).

Hopefully whatever happens, more people get exposed to the fact that cannabis isn’t an evil thing, but its prohibition can be.

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    1. We did, though now we’re finding out we probably need to get a high-CBD strain, which we currently do not have. Cannabis is so much more complicated than I ever realized.

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