Can we trust Alex’s new home?

We got a very disturbing report not too long ago about somebody working with Alex who raised her hand as if to hit him, and when she saw she was being watched, backed off a bit… but then proceeded to tell my baby, “Sometimes I just want to slap the shit out of you.”

A week ago or so, we got a report about two staff members who were asleep on the floor when the 6am shift change arrived… and Alex was standing in the hallway completely unattended.

I am aware it’s impossible to be 100% sure about an employee’s moral compass, but Alex has been living there for barely two months, and there have already been three staff with very serious problems. Who’s to say the near-assault hadn’t been an actual assault previously? Who’s to say the graveyard shift didn’t regularly crash and neglect my boy? More importantly, what is preventing these things from happening again?

I don’t know how we can trust this place. And I don’t know what options we have even if we can’t.