Another month of quiet

I write to tell about what has happened in Alex’s life, or to mention exciting activism-related information. But Alex’s status hasn’t changed in such a long time that there hasn’t been much to say other than describing the up-and-down nature of our visits or talking about the (still several months off) vote on Measure 80. With the full-time job, 2-3 Alex visits a week, and our family situation in general, it’s tough to feel like writing after a long day.

Writing becomes even harder when Alex’s mood takes a turn for the worse.

Unfortunately, after several good weeks all in a row, the last few have been pretty unhappy. And the worst part about it is that on the few occasions we try Alex’s tincture, nothing at all seems to happen. After thinking the tincture might be just what Alex needs, now we’re once again in the situation of wondering what to think. Is the tincture breaking down? Does a glycerine-based tincture simply not remain potent for very long? Are other medication changes a factor? Were the previous successes just coincidence?

As usual, we have no idea. The lack of good research on marijuana and autism makes it hard to know what to do, so we just watch as Alex goes up and down again. Not much to report when this happens. Here’s hoping he breaks out of it soon.