Alex’s big move

On the morning of the 21st, Alex moved to his new home, and my wife was able to be there the whole day to help with the transition. From what I hear, it was a decent day, but nothing amazing.

On Christmas eve, however, our visit was absolutely awful. Alex had a tantrum that rivaled his old ones at home, at least in terms of intensity. It didn’t last as long as his old ones used to, but there was an incredible amount of hitting, scratching, kicking, and pretty intense biting. We got very few smiles out of him during the entire two hours we were there. I was extremely worried for him when we left – he was no longer beating himself up, but he was far from happy.

We got a quick video to show what he’d done to his arms (mostly biting, by the looks of it). Our concern here was that these weren’t marks he got during our visit, which tells me he was probably having as bad a day on the 22nd or 23rd as he did on the 24th.

Christmas day, we visited again, and with all the presents and excitement, he had a really great day. A good portion of his day was spent in a state of over-stimulation, I think, but he got calmed down by the time we left, and was actually sitting down and eating dinner. This is a big deal to us, because usually when we overstimulated Alex, it would end badly. He’d become completely obsessed with a toy or other object, and be unable to move beyond it. He would eventually get to where he needed the toy, but wasn’t getting the happiness out of it that he wanted, and would progressively get more and more angry. Usually these behaviors would result in some spectacular tantrums.

No tantrum was witnessed by us on Christmas.

Alex holding a string of lights and sporting a huge grin
Alex holding a string of lights and sporting a huge grin
Alex was exceptionally fun and energetic. We were able to spend about three hours with him, and his behavior was never very bad. He had a little bit of self-injurious behavior, but it was very mild compared to the prior day, and didn’t last long. Yesterday (New Year’s Eve), we had another pretty decent visit. He wasn’t as happy as he’d been on Christmas, but for the most part he did very well, and we were able to spend another three hours or so with him.

Here’s hoping he starts to settle in and we see our happy little boy on a regular basis.

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  1. I haven’t read this whole blog, but did read the heart breaking article on Mums for Marijuana. I have heard this same problem over and over again, it’s all very well that marijuana works, but who can afford to use marijuana fulltime. Insurance companies sure aren’t going to pay for it. I can’t get a price for buying 1 pound of marijuana that most recipes require that could then be made into oil, but I know it’s horrendous, then you of course must have a few pound to test and try making this oil…. My question is, would the place he now lives allow him to use the oil if he could get a regular supply? I’m not offering to supply you, just wondering if this home would allow it’s use, or if you could take him home if you had a supply.

    I’ll add a link to this blog, and the first article, in hopes someone will read it, and help in some way. Regards Lynn

  2. Thanks for the support, Lynn. We have yet to actually ask his new home, mostly because we’ve always gotten such a firm “no” from everywhere else. We actually have a great supply of hash now (not oil, but it seems to have about the same level of success for Alex), but we honestly just haven’t asked the question yet. We probably will ask soon enough, but given that the center is still partially funded by the government, we’re almost certain what the answer will be.

    As for the price of marijuana, an interesting thing we recently learned is that hash is extremely cheap. The bud is expensive, and hash oil might still be expensive (I’m not really sure the street value of oil), but hash is in the range of $10-$30 for a gram. Alex needs only about a tenth of a gram for a pretty good dose, so even if we were giving him two doses a day, we’d be spending no more than $180 a month. And that’s assuming we had no help from anybody of any kind.

    With how cheap hash is to buy from the black market, imagine how cheap it is to produce oneself if one grows, harvests, and creates hash entirely on their own. If Alex’s center were willing to administer the medication, we could definitely supply it.

    Thanks again for your support!

  3. Hi Dad. We have a cousin who will probably die in the next year or so, he’s in a senior living home, here in San Diego, and although he has a medical MJ License they won’t let him smoke or help administer anything MJwise to him, and of course in California, and we have the MMJ laws in place. So I can’t see a government funded home, in a state that doesn’t have any laws giving it to him. Darn Shame. Pity you couldn’t find someone in the town where the home is, that could “visit” twice a day, and give that lovely little boy a couple of M&M’s and a drop or 2 of the oil.

    I’m sort of a newbie at the whole medical MJ topic, but have heard, and don’t know if it was true, that that cheap hash is of a lesser grade that other stuff(extensive stuff), so his does may need adjusting. I don’t know about the validity of that, I remember back in the days when I was young in NZ< that they smoked just the water leaves, and got as high and stupid as a young person wants to get, they didn’t even grow the plants to the flowing stage then… and were quite happy, so maybe hemp made from leaf is just as strong as from bud… I think it depends more on the maker, than the products effectiveness period.

    In saying that, I do believe that hemp oil that is golden in colour and the dark green tar like one, the only difference is chlorophyll from the leaves are in the dark green one, which makes sense. Taking that a step further, it doesn’t take a big brain to think, if there’s no chlorophyll then that must mean more thc etc…. but still if you know the dark one suits Alex’s needs, then that’s cool. All the best.

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