Alex is moving away

Not a lot to be said, really. It’s been made very clear that we have no choice in the matter. Alex is moving further from us, which we knew had to happen eventually, but he’s also moving further away from the only useful hospital in the area. They state that they “felt pretty confident” his new hospital will be able to work with the main children’s hospital in Portland in order to reduce the number of times he has to be driven there.

I don’t really buy it, given the difficulties we’ve had getting the same thing accomplished in the past — there’s a reason we used to have to put Alex through hell to drive to Portland, and it wasn’t just because we loved the screaming and hitting during the drive.

But it doesn’t matter whether I believe their claims or not. Our options are either to take Alex back home and get on a Portland waiting list (which may never amount to anything) or let them move him. There are just too many crisis kids for Alex to remain in the crisis center. Somehow I doubt any are at Alex current level of instability and danger to himself, but again, what I believe doesn’t really matter.

Apparently the state is more concerned with how much time Alex has spent at the crisis center than actually getting him stabilized. I guess what’s more convenient for the state has always outweighed Alex’s needs, so this shouldn’t be particularly surprising. Still makes me angry.

There’s just not much else to say. I’ve gone through many holidays without Alex around now, but Christmas was obviously going to be incredibly tough. Now, with this…. He’s no longer drifting away from us, he’s being ripped away. We won’t be able to see him more than once a week. I knew it would happen eventually, but at least I thought he’d be close to good medical care.

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