Two bad visits in a row

Friday the 15th, Alex’s grandmother (my mother), came up to visit the family and got to see Alex at his home, but he was in a fairly bad mood for the whole visit. We only spent an hour there, and he never really got happy during that time.

Today, Alex was driven up to see us, and we were very relieved to see that he was in a great mood. But within about an hour, he was unhappy, and an hour after it started, he was so difficult to manage that we had to cut the visit short and have him driven back home.

We had a great visit on the 13th, and the first hour today was really amazing, but his mood swings lately are really tough, especially with how great he had been doing just a few weeks ago.

Why giving hash early is the right approach

This past Saturday, Alex was driven up to visit us, and most of the visit was great, but there were a few incredible outbursts when we took him for a drive to Arby’s. He was doing so well we figured it would be fun to drive there and get him a little sandwich, and then take him to a playground. But seemingly out of the blue, he turned very violent. He was hitting, biting, headbutting, kicking, and refused to stay in his seatbelt. We started driving back home and he started to calm down some. Seeing this, we decided to risk the trip to the playground, and things went pretty well there for a little bit. He ate his sandwich and was mostly content for a while, but after a bit he started to seem a little anxious about something. We got him back in the car, but this time his rage was explosive. I got hit and headbutted a lot trying to keep him in his seatbelt, and he beat himself up quite badly. Continue reading “Why giving hash early is the right approach”

“The event” is done.

I really can’t go into details, but my sister insisted I at least make those in the know aware of where we’re at now.

My wife and I had a very stressful and emotional day. We didn’t know what to expect, and to be fair, we still don’t. The event is done. We did the thing that had the stuff and whatnot. At the end, we visited Alex, who was pretty darn happy. Continue reading ““The event” is done.”


We made a mistake and told too many people about a situation we meant to keep a bit more “secret” for a while. It’s probably not a big deal, but we should have mentioned to those people not to go crazy until we had more information. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ignore this. If you do, shame on you for not reading our minds! Seriously, though, we didn’t think to tell you not to share our story, and it’s amazing the amount of support we’re seeing. I know it’s become a cliche, but we cannot express how much we appreciate your support. Continue reading “Oops”