Vote yes on Oregon measure 91

Alex visits are extremely draining when he’s almost three hours away (round trip). As such, I won’t be posting a lot about him unless there are major changes. But I figured our ballot measure is worth at least a quick mention.

A few weeks ago, New Approach Oregon got their cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot. It will be measure 91 on the ballot in November.

If you live in Oregon, register to vote – it’s insanely easy, and our voting is by mail, which is so much better than states that require in-person voting. There’s no excuse not to vote. But REGISTER now.

Measure 91 isn’t perfect by any means. I have concerns about the four-plant limit, the fact that we still allow employers to drug test for off-the-job cannabis usage, etc. But it’s a HUGE step in the right direction. It won’t touch anything in the current OMMP laws, so medical patients are still completely protected with the same high limits they have today (I think 6 mature plants and 12 seedlings or something — and 24 ounces of usable plant matter). Taxes will go to police and schools primarily, which should alleviate the fears of the naysayers who somehow still think it’ll cost a lot to enforce the new laws. The tax level isn’t a set amount, so it can change as the black market changes and as other states legalize, keeping our system competitive with the black market while minimizing potential interstate trade.

It’s a good measure. Maybe it’ll need work in 5-10 years, but for today, it’s a good measure. We believe it’s a step in the right direction for kids like Alex. Getting cannabis for him should be a lot easier, and in the long run, a lot cheaper than it is today. For others in situations like ours, they can try it out before it’s too late, and have time to experiment with dosage and strains. I urge everybody to vote yes – whether it’s because you value freedom, believe in helping children like Alex, or just want to see Oregon’s schools get a bit more money.

I’ve discussed the cons of prohibition so many times it’s not worth repeating old myths, but check out the facts of cannabis prohibition if you want a brief refresher. There are too many arguments and counter-arguments out there for me to cover them all, so do your own research and I guarantee you’ll come to the conclusion that a vote of “yes” is logical and the right thing to do.

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  1. OOPS – quick addendum: the tax rate is set, but it can be changed as necessary: “In addition, the rates may be reviewed and adjusted for the purposes of maximizing revenues, minimizing the illegal marijuana industry, and discouraging underage marijuana use.”

  2. Medical cannabis is indeed a promising treatment in people with autism and severe self abuse. Considering the pain and suffering so many with self abuse suffer, it is inexcusable that political ideology about cannabis would interfere in getting prompt and effective medical treatment for such a life threatening disorder such as self injurious behavior in developmentally disabled citizens. Shame on this government for being so naive.

  3. I read and saw Alex’s story! I not only cried tears of sorrow, but tears of joy also. Is there anyway I can donate to his Specific cause? or a recommended fund? I am making a donation Jar at my work, all the proceeds going to Alex! When I heard of the medications they put him on in the group home my heart just about sank one of them I have been on too and stopped taking (risperdol), why must their be so much stigma around cannabis… Peace be with your family. SHOW ME WHERE I CAN DO THE MOST GOOD!

    1. Thanks so much for your offer. I’ll contact you via email. We don’t have specific needs right now, but we could set up an MMJ fundraiser – once we get his card again, we’ll probably have to buy a lot of strains to find what works best. Thanks again!

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