Autistic Rage

What is autistic rage, and why would somebody use marijuana to combat it? I’ve compiled some clips from before we even considered marijuana just to show people how intense and dangerous a child can be. We took these videos to prove our child was hurting himself (i.e., no child abuse), and to show doctors just how intense his behaviors could be.

So when worrying about nebulous long-term effects of marijuana that may or may not even exist, consider the long-term effects of this kind of behavior:

Alex post-marijuana

This is a compilation of clips from two videos we made after dosing Alex with hash. The first clips are from what was one of his best moments in the past few years, where he was relaxed enough to play with his hands without hurting himself, but not really “high” – he’s engaged in his world and exploring. Obviously the marijuana isn’t going to magically cure autism, but he’s finally in a place where learning can happen.

After those clips, a second set of clips appears from a different time when he was particularly verbal. Given that he doesn’t talk at all yet, speech therapists have told us it’s very good for him to practice the “ba ba” and “ma ma” sounds, so we were particularly excited to see him so noisy.

18 months later, Alex is still in agony

This is Alex as of mid-August, 2011. We still can’t get marijuana administered in his group home. It’s been recommended by two pediatricians (primary care doctors, not alternative medicine doctors), and it’s ingested, not smoked. Yet we can’t even get a dialogue going. He has better days than this, but his behaviors have never been what you’d call “under control”.

Before-and-after, 2013

When asked how often cannabis helps Alex, and by how much, I had trouble explaining it until I thought about days like this:

Alex post-MMJ, January 2013 from Dad on Vimeo.

Is it a miracle plant that fixes everything? No. But on average, if we rated his rage on a scale from 1 to 10, the tincture we’re giving him (as of January 2013) would drop his rage by two points. It’s sometimes far more dramatic than that, and sometimes nothing happens at all. But on average, we see a noticeable difference, even if it’s not dramatic.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, my son has been legal since the age of 15 for Cannabis I know how it has saved our lives. PLEASE keep strong. I would like to share this site on mine if that is o.k. Love and respect and prayers. Georgia

  2. Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

    The word of god is suppose to be most important, why else would they put your hand on a bible to swear. What has this world become? They just want Alex stuck on there expensive generic pills that have more side effects then benefits. If a plant was not meant it wouldn’t be on this planet. Benefits of hemp go much farther then aiding HIV patients, Cancer patients, Autism, Depression, Chronic Pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Tourettes! Hemp can also be used as a better source of paper meaning more trees to clean our air, the seeds can be eaten for nutrients, hemp can be used for fuel, hemp can be used for clothing. You can also use it for topical spray or rub it on a open sore to heal it. The uses of hemp are endless but our governments are not going to let us make our own adult decision about it. A criminal and a marijuana user are the same thing in this society which causes problems for alot of people and family.If the Federal Government stopped spending our tax money on outdoor marijuana grow op searches, They would have enough money to start the new hemp industry!!!!!!

    1. It is amazing how much society tends to believe in what man has turned cannabis into over trying to understand why God put it here in the first place. I believe it to be the first tool given to man from God. You’ve named off but just a few of it’s amazing attributes. I have no doubts that it will someday be managed in the same manner as beer & wine. Cannabis has a place in God’s plan or else it would not be here and there is no way for it to do the job it was intended as long as man impeding it’s intended path.

  3. Thank you for sharing your family’s story and I hope you and your family find the solutions you seek. I really feel you should take your son’s story to the media and get the word out to build up some more support for your cause. There are a lot of people who support the medical marijuana movement and you will most likely have a lot of supporters out there that would want to hear your son’s story.

    Maybe you can send your videos to the Today Show?? Make them listen and keep the faith. All the best. 🙂

  4. An alternate to alcohol is glycerin base for tincture.. you have to research and look for a CBD strong strain.. testing is helpful if possible. There was a company making chewing gum with a small amount of glycerin tincture medicating it and it really helped me with anxiety. I can’t find it any more- but it was a great idea for consuming it- you can buy gum in bulk… granola is yummy made with coconut oil that is medicated..

  5. This makes my heart hurt terribly. Having a son close to this age I just can’t imagine having to watch this suffering day in and day out. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers always. I hope that this story reaches to the corners of the world and your son can get the help that he needs!

  6. man,, i want to help soo much but there isnt much i can do or recommend, assuming that you have probably tried anything/eveything i could think of, your videos really moved me, pointless sympethetic comment like most but i would just like to remind you guys that although Alex may have been unfortunate in being born with such problems he is also extremely lucky to have parents like you, so please stay STRONG and keep fighting, also please keep updating, were not going anywhere!! not much i could do or say but im going to share this around and you and your family will be in my prayers! God Bless, and i hope everything turns out for the better! 1love

  7. I am so sorry this has been going on. I have aspergers and my tantrums and rages were so sever that when I was alone I would bounce off the walls screaming and crying. Marijuana has saved my life. I am so much calmer. and eager to explore. and take part of life with other people. the problem I have is that I am scared to take the marijauna on a regular basis. its hard finding a balance.

    your sons story is so touching. and I wish there was a solution that would help you. I personaly can tell you that my asperger is more of a blessing than a curse. i know it seems rough. But What ever you do please don’t give up on him. he needs you to stay strong and fight the good fight. I have a 17 yr old son who also has aspergers and I am fighting the good fight. and I refuse to give up on him. my mom never gave up on me and I am 37 yrs old. my mom at a young age started marijuana treatments on me before anyone in the medical feild started using it for medical purposes to treat my autisium. It takes time and consistancey. but soon you will see things slowly change. Group homes are bad bad. bring him home love him stay consistant with the marijauna. believe it or no people that are autistic can feel emotions and love. I am sure he knows you love him.

  8. So many kids could benefit from this, so many……I am watching Janie on Dr Phil, the amount of drugs they give that child is a CRIME and yet if they doused her with cannabis they would/could take the child away. I get down on my hands and knees and thank the good stars above each and everyday for cannabis.

  9. These videos just put me in tears. I work with kids with autism as a nanny and babysitter and it’s so hard to watch a child in such agony. I’m happy that you guys are getting publicity and I really hope that Alex gets the help he needs. Keep up the hope!

  10. Has Alex ever received sensory integration therapy? It appears he seeks out pressure and movement to calm. I am a pediatric occupational therapist and treat children with autism and use a sensory approach which really helps in decreasing self injurious behaviors, increases calming and attention for learning. If he has not had this form of therapy by a highly qualified sensory integrative therapist, I would recommend he be evaluated if possible. I hope this will help you all in getting the best rounded treatment for Alex. God bless you.

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  12. Thanks for share about your family, I am very concerned about this. But after seeing all the videos of alex, I got insipasi and we should strive constantly to try. I think marijuana is also good for alex case, because marijuana can bring a person to be calm and stable. 1. Try once invited Alex to visit children’s games, beach, hills, aquarium or fish pond, don’t forget to continue to pay attention and protect him. 2. Always turn his attention to the things that make him forget hurting himself as funny movements, singing or dancing with him. 3. Trying to listen to classical music or other music, especially when he began to hurt themselves. 4. If one way/place can divert his attention, then it must often be done. thank you… God bless your family

  13. Reading this story about Alex just reminded me something interesting. One of my friends has mentally handicapped daughter who was also suffering with epileptic seizures. Somebody in Mexico told her to put half of onion (freshly cut) and holds it over her nose/mouth area- immediately when seizure started. It HELPED, she did it few times and seizures never came back. (I hope it is clear enough, I don’t speak English well). I wish it would help Alex.

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