Stories like these encouraged us to try medicinal marijuana with Alex:

It’s not much, but without unbiased research, anecdotal evidence is all we have right now. Four very solid cases should be enough to at least convince people that medical marijuana isn’t the worst option for children in extreme situations.

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  1. Medical marijuana comes in many different strains. There are indicas, sativas and hybirds. Not all medical marijuana is helpful for autistics. You need to be very careful which strains are used. Hybirds that have side effects of “clear head” “NO couch lock” and “increased mood” are good. Also get strains rich in CBD’s like the strains harlequin, ATF and stay away from strains too high in THC, the strains high in THC are NOT good for autistics with seizures or self injury. The lower the THC, the higher in CBD (cannabinoids) the better.

  2. Also, remember, a doctor can prescribe MMJ off label as “behavioral modification” to protect health and safety of child. This should be covered under insurance. If not, fight it. Haldol is a horrible drug. it has no evidence of bringing long term relief in children or adults with autism, self injury and seizures. Haldol is linked to many serious adverse side effects, including increased sub clinical and acute seizures. The antitode to haldol is cogentin.

  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I have autism too, I go to NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) in Central Islip, NY on Long Island, I live in Philadelphia, PA though and in Pa, marijuana hasn’t been legalized, in New Jersey, it has, but there’s only one facility in the northern part. In New York, it hasn’t been legalized either. I find it frustrating at times, don’t you? I know living with autism is not easy, and I wish you and your son the best.


    Caleb Stone

    Jenkintown, PA

  4. hi. just watched a video of your son before and after medical marijuana. we give our daughter medical marijuana for seizures, but her behaviors are still pretty bad. would you mind letting me know what strain(s) you used to help behaviors and how you prepared it? so happy you and your son are finding some relief!!

    thank you.

  5. Hello just saw your shared video on facebook.

    It first broke my heart and then made me smile. I just wanted to say that even in Holland where marihuana can be bought in every city I’m sure there will be no Dutch doctor that would encourage this treatment.

    However as a mother I bow down for parents, like yourselfs, that don’t let anything keep them from their plan to make their children’s lives as humane and pleasant as possible.

    Sow I take my bow and tell you that I wouldn’t do anything different. And tonight my candle burns for Alex and his loving parents!

  6. Hi, first of all I must state that I’m just a writer, not a doctor, but after doing two solid years of research into cannabinoid-based science for I’d like to weigh in here.

    First, in my opinion all parents with autistic children or children dealing with serious ADHD should equate themselves with the basics of the human endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Secondly, realize that there are two sources of critical phytocannabinoids (CBD:THC), not just one.

    Hemp-based extracts also exist and they’re an absolutely viable alternative to MMJ; naturally high in CBD and very low in THC (below 0.03%). THC is a tricky one. If you give it to ten different people, you’ll see ten different reactions. CBD is different, it’s the more powerful of the two by far in terms of theraputic benefits simply because of how it functions or interfaces with the ECS. There’s non of the psychoactive complexities.

    No one, and I mean no one, can really give you “thee” brand of hemp concentrates because each batch is different. Just make sure that you do not purchase from any provider who doesn’t have updated certificates of analysis (COA). The same could be said about MMJ as well, beyond simply cannabinoid ratios.

    In my opinion hemp-based concentrates are superior, and this comes from two years of wading through digital mountains of anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately medical science in this department is lacking.

    With hemp-based extracts there’s no THC issues. It’s non-psychoactive. It’s also nontoxic and available right now. The downside is that it’s expensive, more so than MMJ because it must be imported and derived from stalk vs. flowers/leaves.

    Hope this helps.

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