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OCTA makes the November ballot!

Check it out, straight from the state’s website: 7/13/12 Signature verification complete. Petition contained 88,887 valid signatures, or 58.53% of the 151,870 signatures accepted for verification. Qualified to the ballot for the November 2012 Election. Looks like circulators did a … Continue reading

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The OCTA signature drive is over, and…

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act turned in just under 168,000 signatures, which is getting Oregonians pretty excited. We only need 87,213 valid signatures to get on the November ballot, and in 2010 we missed the mark by a huge number, … Continue reading

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Some Alex updates finally

Alex is up and down, as usual, though he had been doing really well from mid-June until about last week. We’re starting to get settled in, and finding time to visit him at least twice a week. Hopefully we can … Continue reading

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