Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm

I was interviewed last week by NORML’s “A Different View” crew: http://www.facebook.com/ADifferentView420. The show will air tomorrow at 8:00pm and includes a brief discussion with myself and two other parents who have made the decision to use cannabis on their child. Continue reading “Tune in to NORML Live tomorrow at 8pm”

New 4×10 schedule, and the baby

I’ve recently gotten approval at my job to work four ten-hour days rather than five eight-hour days. This allows me to visit Alex once on the weekend, and another time mid-week. It’s really nice to not have to feel like I need to get a minimum of 2-3 hours in any visit or else “waste” a week. It’s also nice not to have to feel like missing a visit is the end of the world. If we get sick or something, we can still see Alex once during the week rather than having a two-week span with him wondering where his family is. Continue reading “New 4×10 schedule, and the baby”

Over 50,000 signatures!

The petition for legalizing marijuana has over 50,000 signatures. When you consider that a user is risking a lot just to sign (telling the government they support the most taboo of drugs, and leaving behind a digital trail), I’d say it’s pretty impressive. When you consider that the next-highest petition is just over 30,000, it looks even better.

Even so, it’s somewhat depressing that only 50,000 people have gone and signed a petition that polls suggest 35-45% of Americans support. 50,000 people signed, out of over 100 million adults who favor marijuana law reform. Continue reading “Over 50,000 signatures!”

No videos, but a decent visit

We saw Alex this weekend for over three hours, and it was a pretty good visit overall. He had quite a few moments of rage, but none that lasted longer than a few minutes, and none that got as intense as the episodes he had before the group homes. It was nothing in comparison to two weeks ago, but that was, as I mentioned before, an incredible and very unique occurrence.

Sadly, we got no videos this time, because things were a bit too hectic. At the time, videos seemed like a big tradeoff – spend time with him or get videos of him. Unfortunately, when he’s a little bit volatile, we will always opt to just be with him instead of trying to break out the camera, catch a minute of happy, put it down when he gets made, try to grab it for another few minutes of happy, etc. Oh, well.